Conan O’Brien probably regrets playing a game of Tequila Slaps.

The late-night host knew his guest, Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner, wanted to do “something” with him on Conan this week, but he wasn’t sure what. The actress explained she wanted to play a game of Tequila Slaps, a drinking game in which someone takes a shot of tequila, but they get slapped in the face by another person before they have a chance to swallow.

It’s apparently an “X-Men thing,” according to Turner.

They only played one round on Conan, but one round was enough for O’Brien, who was visibly stunned when Turner landed what the host called “a fantastic slap.” Turner agreed, “That was really hard,” but she usually slaps even “harder” when playing with her friends.

“I don’t screw around,” she said. “I once had a purple hand mark on my face from playing that game — and then I came on your show the next day.”

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