The drama on Southern Charm is starting to spill over to social media.

Austen Kroll’s girlfriend Madison LeCroy found herself in a heated Instagram battle with series regular Danni Baird after she was accused of attempting to cheat on Kroll with Baird’s boyfriend at the time.

The drama started on Wednesday night’s episode of the hit Bravo show when Baird let it slip that LeCroy allegedly had a friend reach out to her boyfriend.

“Madison had her friend [direct message] Gentry [Todd] not knowing that it’s Danni’s boyfriend,” Craig Conover said after being told about the situation by Baird. “It was like, ‘Hey this is my friend, she thinks you’re hot. Would you be interested in meeting up?’ “

When Kroll confronted LeCroy about the issue, she didn’t necessarily deny it.

“It doesn’t mean anything happened,” she said while admitting that her friend did in fact message Todd.

Kroll, 31, broke up with her on the spot. (However, they’ve seemingly reconciled.)

After the episode aired, Baird shared a screenshot of the alleged incriminating message.

“Here’s the deal…. Was trying to be a girls girl… but if you wanna play that game…” she wrote.

But in an attempt to maintain her innocence, LeCroy hit back by sharing a text conversation with Baird in which they discussed the incident and agreed “u [sic] didn’t send anything.”

“Let me nip this in the bud right now,” LeCroy posted next to her own account, tagging Baird. “This message was written by my client who was scrolling through her pictures while I was doing her hair. She showed me his picture and said ‘Isn’t he hot’ to which I replied yes he’s good looking. I never said to fix me up with him..She wrote that on her own. I don’t know why you are bringing false narrative up again especially since he has already broken up with you.”

She also shared Todd’s alleged response to her client’s message.

“Let’s all grab breakfast/coffee soon. And thanks for the shoutout to pretty girl. Lighting in my photo must’ve been real good haha.”

“You want me to get involved? I will roll some heads. You ain’t foolin [sic] anyone Gentry, baby. Kid was over the moon,” LeCroy wrote.

But LeCroy’s story once again came into question when Todd posted the full conversation to his own account, explaining that he was well aware of LeCroy’s relationship status at the time.

“Quickly changes subject to distract/diffuse with knowledge she’s dating someone else,” he wrote alongside the text chain.

He also clarified that his “let’s all grab breakfast” note was in reference to someone else.

“Politely gives thanks and shares [with] girl he’s dating at dinner later that evening,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Kroll and LeCroy’s relationship has come under fire. During the premiere episode of Southern Charm, Kroll was accused of cheating on LeCroy and having a threesome.

In a now-viral video released last year, Kroll and LeCroy are seen having an expletive-filled argument after she found Kroll with two other women. At one point, LeCroy directly asks one of the women if she slept with Kroll, which she denied.

“So then why are your panties lying by the bed?!” LeCroy fired back.

Though Kroll denied that any infidelity occurred because they had not yet defined their relationship status, LeCroy admitted she still believes he cheated during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“Yes,” she confirmed to Cohen on Wednesday night when asked if she thought Kroll was unfaithful.

Despite Kroll’s adamant denial of any wrongdoing, LeCroy she said she cheated on him in retaliation.

“I said, ‘Well it looks to me like a hall pass,’ ” she said. “I can do whatever.”

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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