SOUTHERN Charm star Kathryn Dennis told Leva Bonaparte "this b***h is back" and said that her rival "slandered" her.

The 29-year-old's comments came during the Bravo show's reunion on Thursday.

The rivals came head to head following a season full of tension during the reunion episode.

Leva, 41, and Kathryn got into a screaming match about their tension, which was documented in the recent Southern Charm episodes and began with Kathryn’s “racist” behavior earlier this season.

Kathryn screamed at Leva: “You made me out to be a bad person who manipulates her friends. You took advantage of Danni who’s the nicest f**king person.”

Leva argued she was just trying to “fix tension” between Kathryn and her former best friend Danni Baird, to which Kathryn began to yell.

The Bravo star stood up and clearly wanted to get in Leva’s face, though was unable to due to social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kathryn screamed: “I’m not a f**king victim! You need to shut up with that right f**king now. I’m so sick of you calling me a victim! That’s f**king you as the f**king victim and I’m over it.

"We will get to it. You’re not going to sit here and distort my narrative and slander me.

"Nope, you haven’t seen this b***h in awhile but I’m back!”

Kathryn also accused Leva of having "fun" with her racism scandal.

Leva, 41, angrily replied: "I've had fun? Do you know how many death threats I get on the internet every day?"

The longtime Southern Charm star found herself in the center of controversy when she got into a tense online fight with DJ Tamika Gadsden and sent her a monkey emoji in June.

While the symbol has long been considered racist against black people, Kathryn argued she used it because it looked "silly."

She first viewed Leva as her ally amid the scandal, though the two soon became rivals as other members of the cast turned their backs on Kathryn.

During an episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn video called Leva to discuss the controversy.

The Bravo star said at the time: "My intention was nothing racist or political. I was just trying to stand up for my friend."

Leva responded: "When I saw it, it hit so many nerves because I see you as an intelligent woman and then I saw the monkey emoji and I was really upset.

"The way you spoke to her, as a black woman, was not okay. And then I see the part about like, 'Don't use this minority claim' and 'You're what's wrong with Charleston.' That tumbled the offense.

"I'm a minority. My husband is black. My child is black.

"And the things that I've seen are making me think like, 'I'm good without that friendship.'"

Kathryn responded: "I feel like everyone thinks that I'm racist and I'm truly not, but just the simple fact that that statement is in the same sentence as my name sucks."

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