The grand opening of Peggy’s goes catastrophically wrong in upcoming EastEnders episodes as two men arrive – and one of them is holding a gun.

Things are still tense between Kat (Jessie Wallace), Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Sam (Kim Medcalf), but Kat and Sharon put their differences aside to prepare for the club opening.

Ignoring the fact she’s been sacked, Sam arrives and orders the staff around.

Seeing an opportunity, Kat and Sharon leave Sam alone with a long list of issues to sort, hoping she will get her act together.

Sadly, when Sharon and Kat return, they find Shirley (Linda Henry) trashing the place, announcing this is payback for all the times the Mitchells have hurt her family.

Shirley warns them she won’t stop with her vendetta, but they’re all interrupted by the arrival of two men.

As Shirley takes cover in the office, Kat and Sharon attempt to call Sam for help, but a gunshot rings out.

This is certainly unexpected, but has someone been shot?

Who are the two men? Could they have links to someone in Walford?

And will everyone make it out of this alive?

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