Five badgers frolic around a lawn while having a midnight feast in an image that shows how nature is alive and well in our gardens.

The amazing picture is just one of many taken by Springwatch viewers.

Others include a robin perched on a cup of tea, a hedgehog feeding from a Tupperware box, a dove landing on bird feeder and a mouse next to a red and white toadstool.

They were sent in to the BBC show as part of its biggest ever citizen survey, ­Gardenwatch.

As Springwatch draws to a close tonight, 167,700 have taken part in the survey.

Chris Packham, who presents the show with Michaela Strachan, said he hopes to boost those numbers.

The 57-year-old added: “I like nice round numbers, I like a nice round 200,000.

“Wouldn’t it be good for more people to help get us there?

“Getting involved in Gardenwatch and understanding your gardens creates a great sense of community.

"You can work with your neighbours and collectively expand a habitat from your garden, into theirs.

"Making a contiguous environment for ­wildlife by working together.”

Annelisa Davison took the badger photos at her Somerset home. One seemed to be grinning in another shot. The 47-year-old said: “There have been badgers living in my garden for years.

“There are eight that visit nightly and I feed them a mix of nuts, dog food and peanut butter sandwiches. They are usually waiting on the lawn for me.

"But if I’m early, I call to them as they recognise my voice, and they come bombing into the garden.”

Chris added: “This photo is great. Look how many there are. They’re having such a feast.”

Janice Dyson, 68, snapped the robin on a teacup at her home in Derbyshire. She said: “I love taking photographs of nature.

“I concentrated on garden birds when I was recovering from major surgery a few years ago and was unable to walk far. It certainly helped with my recovery.

So when Gardenwatch was mentioned it just seemed perfect for me to take part in.”

Carl Bovis , a photographer, took this stunning photo of a Collared Dove landing on his garden feeder.

The 48-year-from from Somerset says: "I love to capture shots of garden birds and freezing the action – I love the spread wings and tail of this Collared Dove as it landed on my garden feeder."

Springwatch is working on Gardenwatch with the British Trust for Ornithology and The Open University. You can still take part even after the show finishes.

The data will give conservationists a specific idea of what is in the nation’s gardens, what households are doing to help wildlife and what more can be done.

The results will be shared with viewers during Autumnwatch later in the year.

You do not even need a garden to take part. Chris added: “We’ve had 467 people taking part on their balconies, 239 in their allotments and 116 from public green spaces.”

But the team is lacking data from London, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The last episode of Springwatch airs  on Saturday night, BBC Two, 8pm.

Visit the Springwatch's website for further details.

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