JADE Cline has clapped back at trolls who claimed she "got her face done" after seeing her glam new selfie.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 24, looked stunning as she showed off her show reunion look, with glossy waves and muted makeup.

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Jade's critics, however, claimed she seemed "entirely different" to her usual look.

One wrote: "Omg she got her face done," to which the MTV star fired back: "B***h please. My face been cute."

Another troll commented: "You look like an entirely different person than when you first appeared on the show. Wow."

Jade replied: "I’ve aged and changed LOL I was freshly 20 when I started. I’m about to be 25 lol."

While the Teen Mom star was quick to defend herself against claims she's had work done to her face, she's been open about the plastic surgery on her body.

She told fans she had a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction in February.

Earlier this month, she revealed she also had fat transferred from one part of her body into her breasts so that they look "fuller."

The TV star explained: "No implants, just some fat transferred.

"Didn't really get them bigger just more filled out. I'm still the same cup size just fuller."

It appears Jade is currently going through a tough time as she begged fans to be "sensitive" while she copes with "hard stuff" in upcoming Teen Mom scenes.

She wrote on Instagram: "So I just wanted to get on here and let ppl know about some of the new episodes that are about to air on Teen Mom 2.

"A lot of the stuff that happened was a lot for me to handle.

"I went some of the hardest stuff in my life and had to make some hard decisions about who I surrounded myself with."

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