KAILYN Lowry has considered gastric bypass surgery after suffering from an "uncontrollable" weight gain due to PCOS following her fourth baby.

The Teen Mom 2 star has previously opened up about her condition, and battled trolls who claimed PCOS is for "lazy fat girls."

Kailyn, 29, has considered gastric bypass surgery to assist in her weight loss journey, she revealed while guest-starring on the A Cyster & Her Mister podcast.

The reality star explained her frustrations over the fact that her "weight gain has been rapid."

"I'm talking in two weeks I couldn't fit into my jeans anymore. I literally panicked," she confessed.

"Being in the public eye and kind of dealing with this right now has been harder than I thought.

"Everything that I do is based on my image, and what I look like, and how much weight I've gained or lost.

"I feel desperate to lose weight. I went to see a doctor for the gastric sleeve. That's how desperate I am for these changes," the TV personality admitted.

Kailyn has previously discussed her battle with PCOS, which is a hormonal disorder that can cause painful cysts on a woman's ovaries.

In March, the mother of four announced her diagnosis on her Coffee Convos Podcast, as she reported struggling with outrageously heavy periods.

The MTV star told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley: "I was having such heavy periods. I was bleeding through three and four changes of clothes per day during my period… and I would bleed through my mattress.

"I would bleed through everything."

Kailyn also disclosed that her doctor found almost 10 cysts on one ovary, and the other had a cyst about half the size of the organ.

The Teen Mom star worried that her condition was cancer, but felt little relief after discovering that PCOS could cause many health issues including weight gain.

The young mom has experienced hate from body shamers who have called her a "pig" and a "cow," despite her disorder.

"The comments that I get about my weight on social media and being on the show has been the hardest part for me," she explained.

"And that's where I get emotional because I didn't expect it and it's not something I've been able to control. I've tried. And so when people comment and they're like pig, cow, this that and the third, I'm like well f**k. Something is wrong."

After learning of her PCOS, Kailyn made the decision to freeze her eggs in case the condition makes a future pregnancy difficult.

"I feel like it's easy for anyone to say oh I'm choosing to be done having kids.

"But when the option is completely taken from you, and I'm not saying it has for me, but I feel like I'm speaking for a lot of people, I feel like it's not fair," she described.

"Like we always want what we can't have, and now you're taking the option away from me to decide on what I want…."

In May, the Pennsylvania native shared a photo of a woman holding a sign reading: "PCOS is not a 'lazy fat girl' condition," as she encouraged her fans to have an open mind.

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