TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee is claiming that MTV actually "bullied" her into waiting to apologize for a racial slur.

The reality star was previously slammed as "racist" after she called Vice President Kamala Harris as a "colored" woman.

Mackenzie, 26, ripped the network that employs her as she took to Twitter with quite the claim: "I’m sorry for how I am about to be portrayed on this Tuesday’s episode. It does fit the agenda but it does not fit my heart and who I am.

"For 3 weeks I was bullied into not being able to say a true apology from my heart on my platform (which was the right thing to do).

"Because they wanted to control how it was portrayed. I should have not cared about my spot on the show and cared about doing what was truly right and that was to come on here and talk about who wrong and ignorant. I was with a word mix up. Words hurt, and I’m sorry and growing…"

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  • Bryan Brunati


    An old photo of the former pair was shared and it made fans of Teen Mom stop in their tracks.

    The throwback, shared by a Reddit user, showed a fresh-faced Maci with short hair smiling as she hugged Ryan.

    The shot appears to have been taken when Maci was around 16 and Ryan was around 20.

    Maci and her ex Ryan smile in this throwbackCredit: Reddit

    Fans though Maci, 29, has "aged well" and looks better now and claimed Ryan, 33, used to look like a "hot actor from the 90s."

    One person wrote: "Maci looks so much prettier with the long hair she has now (even if it is extensions)."

    The exes are parents to 12-year-old son Bentley – who lives with Maci and her husband, Tayler McKinney.

  • Bryan Brunati


    The reality star admitted that she once got an offer to star in a porn film.

    It all kicked off after a fan asked Briana during an Instagram Q&A: "Would you ever do an adult film?"

    The MTV star replied: "I was offered one a long time ago and turned it down. Not for me."

    Briana DeJesus was once offered a role on an adult filmCredit: Instagram/Briana DeJesus

    The mother of two also revealed she's "taking a break" from her OnlyFans account because the requests became "overwhelming."

    This comes just a month after the Teen Mom 2 star claimed she made a staggering $10,000 in her first week on the adult subscription service and is in the "top 1 per cent of creators."

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee claimed co-star Cheyenne Floyd completely “cut her off" following racial slur despite past apology.

    Months after the 26-year-old was slammed by MTV fans for calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “colored woman,” Mackenzie finally spoke out on the controversial matter. 

    The controversial TV personality went on Instagram Live on Saturday however, she has since deleted the footage from her page. 

    “My mouth has been forced shut for a long time and I feel like I deserve to get to use my voice,” she started off the video with a smile. 

    She then explained: “I talked to Cheyenne and I thought things were going to be amazing but it was just a downward spiral from there. 

    “We need to get rid of the racism and racial injustice but I’m not racist. Cancel culture is too big, we’re canceling people left and right.”

    The Oklahoma native then said of her Teen Mom co-star: “I told Cheyenne, ‘I love you.’ 

    "And her message back was ‘I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to day 1 of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin.’ 

    “So if she hates me, that’s fine. That’s fine because I said something ignorant but I messaged and told her that I love her. 

    “I said ‘I love you, I want to hold your hand and do this together with you.’ But she decided right then and there she’s done with me. Cut me off.” 

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The MTV star went on to explain in a now-deleted Instagram Live that their feud is still strong following Mack's racial slur.

    She said in the video: “Cheyenne tweeted that I’m ignorant. I would’ve gone live with her, I would’ve gone on her podcast.

    "And I thought it was going to be amazing and then everything was still a downward spiral from there."

    The TV personality continued: “I’m still confused why I can’t get on and stay sorry from my heart.

    "I know what you’re doing on the show and we need to get rid of all the racial injustices but I’m not racist.

    "Cancel culture is real and we’re canceling people left and right. But if she wants to hate me, she can. I said something ignorant."

    People on Reddit slammed Mackenzie, with one writing: "Makes absolutely no goddamn sense and yet somehow still turns out racist."

    "Okay but she's ignorant and doesn't actually want to stop and listen to and take in information.

    "Doesn't want to set her own beliefs aside to really understand what is being told to her, nor does she want to put herself in someone else's shoes," another wrote.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Gary Shirley praised his wife Kristina for being able to balance “kids and responsibilities” after fans slammed his ex, Amber Portwood, for not being able to do the same.

    Kristina is step-mom to Gary’s 12-year-old daughter Leah and also mom to a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage and her 5-year-old, Emilee, with Gary.

    Aside from parenting the three, she’s currently going to school to become a registered medical assistant and plans on graduating in September.

    Gary wanted to “give her a much needed break” from it all and took her on a date to a drive-in movie on Friday, but she didn’t last long.

    He posted one photo of the screen, which was showing the new Mortal Kombat movie, followed by one of Kristina fast asleep in the car.

    In the comments, some fans asked what she’s going to school for, and Gary said she’s doing the RMA program to start and then will “continue up the ladder.”

    Kristina jumped in and added: “I’ll graduate in September with my RMA & continuing towards my RN afterwards. ❤️”

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    Chelsea put her post-baby body on full display as she modeled the latest clothing to arrive at her collection with Laurie Belles.

    She showed off her toned legs in a pair of black ripped skinny jeans that retail for $48.

    The MTV star paired it with a $50 light-washed denim jacket.

    However, she boasted about her "favorite" new item – an adorable belt bag.

    Equipped with a row of fringe, the item ties around her waist for stylish storage.

    The red-haired beauty gave birth to newborn son Walker just two months ago.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    After Jenelle showed off her “new bikini body” at the beach over the weekend, she reshaped some positive messages she received from fans. 

    One person posted the snap that showed the MTV alum in a one-shoulder black bikini that flaunted her curves and tattoos.

    “My queen, you’re so beautiful. My wifey is looking so good I love it when you’re hair is up. 

    “It’s on point. I love that smile. Okay I see you at the beach! You’re bathing suit it’s on fire. I love you baby girl,” an admirer said on her Instagram story. 

    “Such an inspirational teen mom. She’s come so far and will only go up from here. Such a beautiful family. Much love,” another fan wrote. 

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Kailyn Lowry tested her son Lincoln on what color her eyes are after sharing that he’s color blind.

    The reality star previously revealed he “can’t see blue,” which is what the actual color of her eyes are.

    Last night, she told her Instagram followers she was getting ready to ask her 7-year-old, who she shares with ex Javi Marroquin, another color question, after asking him a few earlier in the week.

    The 29-year-old said: “Yesterday, we were asking Lincoln what colors things were to see what he sees because he’s color blind.

    “Someone in my comments said for me to ask him what color my eyes are. So, we’re about to ask him to see what he sees.”

    Kailyn walked over to the table and switched the camera from being on her face to showing Lincoln sitting down and smiling, ready to answer whatever she throws him way.

    “Lincoln, what color are my eyes,” the Teen Mom asked.

    He quickly responded: “Like, greenish, brownish.”

    Almost everyone replied that they’re actually blue.

  • Bryan Brunati


    The former reality star took a stroll down memory lane in her latest Instagram Story.

    Jenelle posted a photo from April 2017 which featured her holding baby Ensley, now four, in her arms as the ex MTV star smiles in the snap.

    Jenelle shared a throwback with daughter Ensley

    The 29-year-old also tagged her husband, David Eason, whom she shares Ensley with.

    Jenelle is also a mom to 11-year-old son Jace with her first baby daddy Andrew Lewis, and 6-year-old son Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith.

  • Bryan Brunati


    Teen Mom star Javi's on-again-off-again girlfriend Lauren Comeau took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of their only child together.

    Lauren posted the adorable photo of their son Eli, two, as he sported pajamas and looked over his shoulder with a smile.

    Javi's ex Lauren shared this photo of their only son together

    The little one also held on to a stuffed animal as he clearly was just waking up from some sleep.

    The mother of one wrote over the snap: "Good Mornin'."

    Lauren and Javi parted aways after his first baby momma, Kailyn Lowry, accused him of trying to have sex with her.

    However, fans have previously speculated that Lauren and Javi may have reunited.

  • Bryan Brunati


    Jenelle Evans' husband was slammed as "delusional" for charging fans $99.99 for a personal video on Cameo.

    The former reality star took to Instagram to promote his Cameo, as he said: "If you need advice on anything like that, holler at me. You want a shoutout, happy birthday, happy anniversary, whatever it is, just holler at me. I got you!"

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    A post shared by David Eason (@easondavid88)

    However, fans weren't having it at all, as one wrote: "why would anyone want this?"

    Another added: "Ha. Delusional much!"

    All this comes after David was ripped for mocking the Asian community in a TikTok video.

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    The mom of four once again showed fans some of her favorite looks.

    The reality star took to her Instagram Stories to show off various outfits, kicking off with a white tank and a pair of ripped black jeans.

    She then followed that up by throwing a denim jacket over a distressed tee shirt that read "Mama."

    Chelsea showed off some of her various outfits
    She sported numerous outfits, including this one

    All this comes just a few days after the former MTV star praised her husband Cole DeBoer on his birthday.

    Chelsea wrote: "Not only is he one of the good ones, he’s the BEST one… Happy birthday to my love."

  • Bryan Brunati


    The reality star took some time to share a beautiful tribute for her mother.

    Ashley, 24, took to Instagram to share various snaps of her mom, as she shared a lengthy caption.

    She wrote: "Growing up I didn’t always understand you but now that I have a kid I wish I would have listened to everything you ever said.

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    A post shared by Ashley Siren 🧜🏽‍♀️ (@ashleysiren)

    "I am forever grateful for the fact that my daughter has your unconditional love and support. I am forever grateful that we talk and gossip every morning like best friends…"

    The MTV star added: "I am forever grateful that you treat my husband like your own son. I am forever grateful that you have always been there for me no matter what.

    "I love you mom . Enjoy your bday trip in Hawaii but don’t get to turnt cause you have my daughter…"

  • Bryan Brunati


    The reality star took to Instagram to show her oldest son enjoying some time with his little brother and his stepdad, Taylor.

    In the clip, the 12-year-old laughs alongside Taylor and his sibling Maverick, four, as the trio throw their ball caps in the air before catching them and putting it on.

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    A post shared by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout)

    Maci captioned it: "Boys and their ball caps! ⚾️," as she added the hashtag, "things that matter."

    All this comes after the Teen Mom star's ex Ryan Edwards claimed to The Sun exclusively: “I’ve collected enough information that is on video and pictures to be able to have Bentley all the time.

    “I’m not trying to turn Bentley’s world upside down so I’m trying to find a way to do this…"

  • Bryan Brunati


    The former Teen Mom saw backlash once again for promoting an "anti-cellulite" leggings company.

    The 29-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to share a quick snap of herself wearing a pair of red leggings while also sporting a sports bra.

    However, fans weren't about it, as they ripped Jenelle as well as the leggings company.

    Jenelle promoted some leggings, however, fans weren't about it

    One person on Reddit wrote: "Jenelle is promoting an 'anti-cellulite' leggings company.

    "Last night, the company had 30+ comments letting them know people were not happy to see they hired JE… This morning, all comments on the post are gone. (Though the hatters have started in on a different picture this morning)."

    Many fans were quick to comment on this, with one saying: "I thought she preached body positivity now she's promoting hiding cellulite."

    While another commented: "These things never work, I don't know why she is promoting them."

  • Katherine Schaffstall


    Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary shared a snap of his wife Kristina sleeping in a car on Friday night.

    Gary, 34, praised his wife as he wrote: "She will prolly kill me for this JK, but my Date is passed out Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    "She’s been going hard with school and studying and keeping up with the kids… she gets up at 4:45AM Yikes!!! (My hat is off to all the parents who take care of their kids and responsibilities) the light is from my camera FYI. 

    "@kristina_shirley3 liven the Fam!"

    Gary shares daughter Leah, 12 with ex Amber.

    He married Kristina in 2015, while they share daughter Emilee, five, together.

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    A post shared by Gary Shirley (@itsgarytime)

  • Katherine Schaffstall


    Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee was slammed as a "moron" for claiming her body is "messed up" by being close to vaccinated MTV crew members.

    The 26-year-old faced backlash from fans when she shared a controversial post regarding the Covid-19 vacations on Facebook.

    The Teen Mom OG star shared a YouTube video on Facebook that questioned if the Covid-19 vaccines cause severe side effects for women's menstrual cycles.

    Alongside the video, Mackenzie wrote: "Thoughts?

    "I'm just saying. I'm around a crew everyday whom all been vaccinated. And my body has been MESSED UP!

    "Once again I just want your thoughts.

    "We are the research for the vaccine. And it's sad."

    A number of fans took to Reddit to slam the MTV star for the post, as many called her a "moron."

    One person wrote: "Imagine not understanding birth control and trying to tell people about 'science'. She is dumb as a box of rocks."

    Another said: "Omg. Antivaxers are so stupid."

  • Katherine Schaffstall


    Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus praised her nine-year-old daughter Nova following a gymnastics competition on Thursday.

    Alongside a snap of Nova smiling as she held up a trophy, the 26-year-old wrote: "So proud of this little lady!

    "She worked her butt off this comp season!

    "Special shout out to @orlandogymnastics ❤️ this gym really pushed Nova to be her best!

    "Y’all remember shy little nova who had terrible stage fright?

    "Well, not anymore!"

    The proud mother concluded: "She is confident and determined now and it’s all bc of this gym! ❤️ can’t wait to see what else Nova can do! #shinebright."

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    A post shared by Briana Dejesus (@_brianadejesus)

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    Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry took to her Instagram Story on Friday to share that many fans responded to her previous clips that showed her quizzing son Lincoln, 7, on his colors.

    She has previously opened up about her son's color blindness.

    In a new clip, the MTV star told her followers: "Someone in my comments said for me to ask him what color my eyes are, so we're able to ask him what he sees."

    When she turned the camera on her second oldest son, Lincoln said Kailyn's eyes are "greenish-brownish."

    The clips concluded with Kailyn showing a close up of her eyes as she asked her followers to vote in a poll on what the color of her eyes are.

  • Kylie Parham


    The Teen Mom stars raised eyebrows after they chose to host two episodes of their podcast separately.

    Vee, 28, took to her Instagram stories today to spread some female positivity, despite her quarrel with co-parent Kailyn, 29.

    In a new selfie, the young mom posed with her daughter Vivi in matching jean jackets, writing: "Starting a ✨GIRL GANG✨ of women aggressively supporting other women so hands up if you want in because if we get enough people, we’re totally getting jackets."

    The podcast host shares her five-year-old daughter with her husband Jo Rivera, who also shares his son Isaac, 11, with Kailyn.

    The ladies recently opened up about their disagreements, explaining that they were hosting separately due to "internal conflicts."

    Although they admitted they had reconciled and were doing "better than ever," they confessed to sometimes facing "co-parenting bumps in the road."

  • Kylie Parham


    The Teen Mom star has made attempts to mend her relationship with her daughter Leah, 12.

    Amber, 30, enrolled in Purdue University in order to pursue a degree in psychology, after years of her own mental struggles.

    The reality star recently shared photos of her study process, though fans were not pleased with her decision-making.

    One slammed the mom of two for her lack of effort towards Leah while focusing on her own future.

    The pre-teen has been raised by her father Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina for the most part, and rarely spends time with her mother.

    Kristina recently expressed hope that Amber would work towards reconciliation with her daughter, as the two seem to have hit a stalemate.

    Leah spoke out about her relationship with her mom admitting that she has been missing a bond with the MTV star for most of her life.

  • Kylie Parham


    The Teen Mom star laughed hysterically after pulling a fast one on her previously estranged husband.

    Mackenzie, 26, shared a new video to TikTok today as she played a magic trick on Josh.

    Credit: TIKTOK

    The blonde held three M&M's containers, two of which appeared empty, and swirled them around quickly on the table.

    The mom of three then asked her spouse which container held the candy, to which he didn't know.

    "I want you guys to see how confused he is!" she laughed while turning the camera to his puzzled expression.

    Mackenzie then began cracking up as she revealed that "they're all empty" and the candy was hidden underneath her sleeve.

  • Kylie Parham


    The Teen Mom star also temporarily lost custody of all her children when her husband David Eason shot and killed the family dog in 2019.

    Jenelle, 29, took to TikTok to gush about her kids and parenting, though fans were not convinced.

    Credit: @jenellelevans/TikTok

    "When my kids are older, I hope they look back on our days and see that mommy tried.

    "She tried even though she was tired or stressed. I hope they know I did it all for them.

    "I had every intention of being a great mom," she mouthed during the clip, though her followers rushed to the comments to remind her of her oldest son.

    Jace has been in his grandmother Barbara's custody since 2010, but Jenelle has been putting up a fight to have her son back in her own home.

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    In a new Instagram post, Jenelle showed off her curves in a black bikini.

    The tattoos on her thigh and on her stomach were visible as she posed happily.

    Along with the pics, she wrote: "Sand on, stress off #SelfLove"

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    A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219)

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    Briana looked like a whole other person as she shared a throwback photo of her and her friends, including Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee.

    The four women seemed to be posing on the streets of New York City, with the mom of two writing: "Miss these girls."

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