Lord Alan Sugar has caused controversy on Twitter again.

The Apprentice presenter took to Twitter today to defend Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his comments about Jo Cox, the MP murdered during the EU referendum campaign, this week.

Boris has been urged to apologise by many after saying the best way to honour Jo Cox was to "get Brexit done" – including Labour MP Paula Sherriff.

However, Lord Sugar defended Boris today.

Witnessed by his 5.3million followers, the business mogul wrote: "I am not getting the reason for demanding Boris to apologise.

"It was the ranting women who first brought Joe Cox name up in the chamber."

Believed to be talking about Ms Sherriff, he added: "The woman in particular ranted like an insane person."

"If anyone should apologise it should be her. She was addressing the PM of the UK."

One Twitter user replied: "Alan Sugar slowly morphing into that guy who used to present the American Apprentice."

While another added: "This tweet displays a lack of empathy, maybe that is what is needed to succeed in business?"

A third said: "Let’s not forget that it’s the language used by Johnson that caused this to happen. It’s his words that people are using when attacking MPs."

While a fourth chimed in: "Really? Using the murder of a woman, to further his own political agenda. Seriously Lord Sugar?"

Some were on Lord Sugar's side though. One told him: "Spot on. Exactly what I thought."

While another added: "Spot on Lord Sugar, all orchestrated."

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