Even though The Bachelorette has several episodes left, fans are already campaigning for who they want to be the next Bachelor. Air Force vet Mike Johnson seems to be leading that conversation after opening up about an ex’s miscarriage and standing up to Luke P. Could the 31-year-old family man be the first black Bachelor?

Who is Mike Johnson?

According to his ABC profile, he is a portfolio manager based out of San Antonio, Texas. He’s also an Air Force veteran who has been to 30 countries. Mike enjoys Krav Maga and trampoline parks and wants to get into Parkour. He’s a self-described “city boy” and romantic at heart.

Mike has also modeled and shares several photos of his friends and family on social media. He also has a YouTube Channel, to which he’s only posted one video of him surprising his mom after a year of not seeing her. Mike seems like the perfect guy for Hannah; however, host Chris Harrison said he could fall into “the best friend” category.

Is Mike Johnson a fan-favorite?

During an episode where the men had to experience childbirth, Mike opened up to Hannah and admitted the challenge was trigging for him. He told her a heartbreaking story about his ex-girlfriend having a miscarriage, and then Cam interrupted ruining the moment. Mike still got a kiss, and a group rose from Hannah that day.

Fans were also happy when Mike told Hannah about Cam telling the other contestants he thought he was going home. He also told her Cam said he would tell Hannah a sob story to receive a “pity rose.”

Before Mike told her this, Cam told Hannah about his Lymphoma condition and his several surgeries, including his leg almost getting amputated. He said that while this happened, his grandmother died, and he had to give his puppy away. Hannah ended up sending Cam home that night at the ceremony.

Bachelor Nation also loved the way Mike stood up to Luke P after he had a physical altercation with Luke S. Mike reminded Luke P about Hannah’s advice to him to calm down, and that Luke P is taking his time away from Hannah. Luke P then laughed, to which Mike called him a psychopath. The cameras caught Luke P picking Luke S up and dropping him. However, no one knows the events that occurred leading up to that moment.

Luke P changed his story several times but stuck to his account that Luke S was the aggressor. Luke S claimed he never tried to hit Luke P. He said he went to confront Luke P about playing rough during the game and then Luke P picked him, dropped him on the ground, and kneed him in the head.

Why could Mike Johnson be the first black bachelor?

The fans already love Mike, which is the first requirement. Singer Demi Lovato posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her watching The Bachelorette, captioning it “Go Mike J!!!” with heart emojis. He is also handsome and in his early 30’s, which is perfect timing for a man to settle down.

Mike seems to be a family man, who is adventurous, funny, able to stand up when he needs to, and vulnerable at times. With as many Twitter fans rooting for Mike to be the next Bachelor, there shouldn’t be problems getting 30 women to fly out to meet him, wanting Mike’s affection.

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