HAVE you watched all there is to watch on Netflix and co? Well, look no further. The Sun has got you covered with the best new TV shows coming to your screens.

From the eagerly anticipated Tiger King 2, to Bryan Cranston’s nature series Animal, there’s no shortage of shows to binge-watch until your heart’s content. 

Tiger King 2 (Netflix)

In a weird quirk of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us will forever associate lockdown with an unusual man from Oklahoma with bad hair and a large collection of big cats. 

Tiger King became unmissable global viewing in the spring of 2020 and now finally here comes the follow-up series featuring contributions from Joe Exotic in prison – “If I have to make a deal with the Devil, I will make a deal with the Devil,” he says ominously.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 12 November. 

Crime (BritBox)

Scottish author Irvine Welsh doesn’t do feel-good – this is the guy responsible for gritty, grimy classics like Trainspotting and Filth, after all.

So it should come as no surprise that compelling new thriller Crime – based on his book of the same name – is a dark and uncompromising look at the more disturbing sides of life.

When young Edinburgh girl Britney goes missing on her morning walk to school, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox is called in to investigate. 

But, as the clues rack up, Ray begins to suspect that the disappearance could be linked to an old serial killer case. 

Available to watch from Thursday, 13 November. 

The Wheel Of Time (Amazon Prime Video)

It’s not as if Amazon are short of a bob or two – and you can see how much money’s been spent on this new fantasy series based on the mega-popular book series by Robert Jordan. 

It tells the tale of Moiraine, a member of a potent women’s organisation called Aes Sedai, who teams up with five companions to essentially save the universe because ‘the Dark One’ has arisen and is on the rampage.

The first three episodes are available Friday, 14 November, then weekly.

Saved By The Bell (Sky On Demand)

Is it joyous that a much-loved early 90s sitcom has been brought back to life? Or tragic that most of the actors were still available? We can’t decide. 

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (Jessie), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack), Mario Lopez (AC Slater), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly) and Lark Voorhies (Lisa) all appear in this perky remake for US streaming service Peacock, which is now available to Sky and NOW subscribers

In this first series – which has been praised for its tongue-in-cheek tone – Zack is Governor of California and Slater is a PE teacher at Bayside High, and it’s already been renewed for a second series in the States, so give in and embrace the nostalgia.

Available to watch from Tuesday, 11 November.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (hayu)

It’s the crossover that super-fans have been waiting for as, for the first time ever, seven Housewives from different versions of the show pack up their Louis Vuitton luggage and jet off – on a private jet, darling – to holiday together in the Turks and Caicos. 

So who’s onboard for this trip of a wife time? Cynthia and Kenya from Atlanta, Kyle from Beverly Hills, Teresa and Melissa from New Jersey and Ramona and Luann New York.

Showtrial (BBC iPlayer)

There’s plenty of reasons why a five-part drama Showtrial is worth five hours of your time.

Not only does it feature mesmerising performances from its leads Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens – a revelation as over-privileged student Talitha Campbell, who’s put on trial for murder – it also paints a terrifying picture of how high-profile court cases can become a trial by media and public opinion. 

Above all, though, the series is a riveting and ultimately satisfying whodunnit, with twists, shocks, unconventional heroes and villains.

Animal (Netflix)

There can’t be many of us who’d be happy to wander right up to a fearsome mother lioness – it could literally be the last thing we’d do. 

But thanks to the wonders of technology, this stunning four-part nature series gets viewers within a whisker – or a bared tooth – of some of the most charismatic creatures on the planet, including that protective lioness. 

Other species featured include a wild dog family, a kangaroo joey and a young giant pacific octopus – and the humans involved are pretty impressive too, with the likes of Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Rashida Jones and Pedro Pascal providing narration.

Hypnotic (Netflix)

Fans of The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor need to check out this creepy psychological thriller starring Kate Siegel, who was so brilliant in both those series. 

When young woman Jenn Thompson decides she needs to make some changes both personally and professionally, she takes herself off to visit renowned hypnotherapist Dr Collin Meade Jason O’Hara.

But, following some seriously intense sessions – and some shocking events – Jenn soon finds herself trapped in a terrifying and traumatic mind game. A mind-bending movie guaranteed to put you in a spin.

Maradona: Blessed Dream (Amazon Prime)

The life of legendary footballer Diego Maradona was so turbulent, so filled with triumph and tragedy, that it was inevitable it would be turned into a TV series. 

This ten-part biopic – five episodes are available now, the rest to come at a later date – certainly doesn’t disappoint, capturing the controversy that followed the Argentinian star wherever he went, from his youth in the shanty towns of Buenos Aires, through his unconvincing stint at Barcelona and onto the glory years at Napoli. 

Judy Justice (IMDb TV)

Anyone who used to love Judge Judy needs to make a date with Judy Justice, the new reality court series presided over by Judge Judith Sheindlin. 

Very much in the same vein as her immensely popular previous series, Judy Justice sees the legendary former Manhattan Family Court judge assessing small claims disputes, before passing a considered final judgement. 

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