Then: Serving as the show’s eponymous protagonist, Bialik played Blossom Russo — the sole female who navigates life as a teen, and was responsible for making the floppy hat popular among viewers.

Now: While Blossom gave Bialik her big acting break, the Girling Up author scored accolades for her role in the ultra-successful The Big Bang Theory — alongside co-star Johnny Galecki, whom she had her first kiss with on Blossom. The comedic turn became an easy transition for Bialik, who is also a neuroscientist (like her character) in real life. Her new series, Call Me Kat, premieres in January. 

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Then: Every girl needs a best friend — and for Blossom Russo, no one was a better partner than von Oÿ’s quirky Six Dorothy Lemeure. Despite serving as Blossom’s sidekick, Six faced a handful of life-altering events, which included a battle with alcoholism and a pregnancy scare.

Now: After Blossom, von Oÿ starred in The Parkers from 1999 to 2004. The actress has also made guest appearances on 7th Heaven and Cold Case, as well as voiceover work, and just released her second book, Situation Momedy: A Very Special Episode in Toddlerdom. She got married in 2010 and shares two daughters with husband Brad Bratcher.

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Then: Blossom’s older brother, Joey, wasn’t just the object of Six’s affection, but he also served as the show’s comedic relief with his now-iconic “Whoa!” catchphrase.

Now: Lawrence, who has dabbled in music throughout his career, found success on the small screen once more with the premiere of ABC Family’s My Fake Fiancé — also starring Melissa Joan Hart — in 2009. The TV movie was so successful that the two stars were offered their own sitcom, aptly titled Melissa & Joey. The show ran for four seasons. The actor has two daughters with ex-wife Chandie, from whom he split in the summer of 2020.

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Then: Stoyanov played Tony, a recovering drug and alcohol addict, and older brother to Blossom and Joey, who eventually becomes a paramedic.

Now: After a few seasons of Blossom, the actor left the show to write for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and a year after that, for MadTV and Mr. Show. Most recently, Stoyanov scored an acting stint on Showtime’s Billions.

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Then: As Blossom, Joey and Tony’s father Nick, Wass’s character takes on the role of a single parent after his wife — and the kids’ mom — leaves the family to pursue her career.

Now: Following the end of Blossom in 1995, Wass retired from acting, instead turning his attention to directing. He has worked behind-the-scenes on TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Melissa & Joey, and 2 Broke Girls, among other shows. He has been married to his second wife, Nina, since 1996. They share a daughter together. Wass’ first wife, Janet — whom he had two kids with — died from ovarian cancer in 1993.

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