The Larkins reboot with Bradley Walsh begins on ITV

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The Larkins on ITV is a reboot of The Darling Buds of May, the iconic family drama series inspired by the HE Bates novels of the same name. The new series stars Bradley Walsh as Pa Larkins and Joanna Scanlan as Ma Larkin, with plenty of other familiar faces sprinkled throughout. However, many viewers were not expecting Barney Walsh to appear, the son of the lead star.

Who did Bradley Walsh’s son Barney play?

The first episode of The Larkins was busy re-introducing fans to the iconic characters, wasting no time in giving each member of the Larkin clan some time to shine.

However, the Larkins weren’t the only family taking part in the show, as Walsh’s own son made an appearance midway through the episode.

During the episode, Mariette Larkins (played by Sabrina Bartlett) was eager to leave the village and move abroad to pursue new experiences.

It was also clear she and her sister Primrose (Lydia Page) were looking for love, as the small community was lacking in available bachelors for them to choose from.

Eventually Primrose admits to her sister that she has met a mysterious boy, who has come to town with a roving carnival.

While Mariette is sceptical that the boy’s affections are genuine, she agrees to help her sister and track him down before he leaves town.

This brought the pair to seek out the help of PC Harness, played none other by Barney.

While his appearance was only brief, fans jumped onto social media to share their delight at seeing the young star on the show.

On Twitter, @5soslukerools wrote: “@ITVTheLarkins watched The Larkins. Thoroughly enjoyed, Bradley was perfect and it was a nice surprise to see Barney in it too.” (sic)

“@BradleyWalsh loving the Larkins and especially the cameo from Barney,” added @EmmakathEmma.

@princessmel_87 commented: Didn’t realise Barney was also in this. Father and son working together again #thelarkins.” (sic)

“Nice appearance from Barney Walsh in tonight’s #TheLarkins,” @Denton83 shared.

Barney is playing one of the local police officers in the town, though it is clear he is still fairly new to the job.

As the comments suggest, the father and son duo have worked together before, with both co-starring in ITV’s Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.

Enjoying three seasons, the show follows the pair as they travel the world as Barney pushes Bradley to experience life overseas.

Across the three seasons, the two can be seen trying their hands at racing, sky diving, and other adventures in the USA and beyond.

The show introduced many Bradley Walsh fans to his son, offering new insight into the personal life of the family.

It isn’t known how often Barney will appear in The Larkins, though he is expected to show up more regularly across the six episodes.

This isn’t the star’s first acting performance, as he can be seen in the films Indulgence and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

He also made brief appearances in Doctors and Law & Order UK.

The Larkins airs Sundays on ITV at 8pm.

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