The Last Kingdom: Netflix tease fourth season of show

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The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and season five is due to be released in the near future. The fourth outing welcomed the antagonistic Eardwulf (played by Jamie Blackley), who was the brother of Eadith (Stefanie Martini). He suffered a poor fate at the end of the fourth season when he was killed by Sigtryggr’s (Eysteinn Sigurðarson) men.

Why did Eardwulf have to die?

Season four welcomed brother and sister Eadith and Eardwulf, who had been introduced to overthrow Aethelred (Toby Regbo).

Eardwulf had taken on the role of Aethelred’s commander, meanwhile, Eadith was acting as his mistress to win him over.

They both planned to conspire against Aethelred and reclaim some power, but Eardwulf found himself in too deep.

He struggled to keep Aethelred on his side, making a number of mistakes that almost cost him his life.

Knowing he needed to take action fast, he murdered Aethelred, who was already on his deathbed.

Aethelred had been severely injured in battle and his head trauma meant he would not recover.

In his final moments, Eardwulf seized the opportunity to finish him off whilst the two were alone.

Little did he know, Eadith saw the whole thing and she decided to cut all ties with her evil brother.

Eardwulf got his comeuppance during the Winchester siege, when Sigtryggr ordered for him to be killed.

Eadith, who was under cover, was left to watch as her brother died and she almost gave away her position.

Eardwulf was only in the series for the fourth season, so fans may be wondering why he had to die so early on.

One reason could be that his death paved the way for Eadith to become more independent and ease herself into a protagonist role.

She saw the error of her brother’s ways and decided to help Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friends instead.

Secondly, Eardwulfs story arc came to an end when he decided to murder the man he wanted to overthrow.

Throughout the series, he started to lose his mind due to his hunger for power, and everything came to a head when Aethelred died.

If Eardwulf would have survived for much longer, he would have become a redundant character.

Aethelred’s wife Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) took over as ruler of Mercia, so he had no hope of gaining back honour.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss Eardwulf’s role in the series, with some saying they were left confused.

One said: “The story makes absolutely no sense. Firstly in a show of people who do pretty terrible things the worst thing he has done was kill a messenger and assassinate an utterly despicable and cruel King who was already on his deathbed.

“This was enough to make his sister inexplicably betray him? It makes absolutely zero sense. It feels like just all over the place writing and needing intrigue, but not knowing how to go about it.

“Like his sister betrayed him because he killed a dying man who essentially raped her. Right when they were finally about to get what they had been working for to begin with.

“Then his own men, who we are repeatedly told are utterly loyal to him for he is a good leader, instantly turn on him at the very first brief mention of any treachery? Like really?” [Sic]

One fan offered an explanation as to why Eardwulf met his ultimate demise.

They said: “Reputation and honor are a huge thing. Fama is the social currency of the time period, and a lot of that, especially as feudalism and the beginnings of the chivalric system** slowly were taking root, is based on one’s loyalty and service to one’s lord.

“Hiding information from your lord, and then killing that lord, would be absolutely devastating to your fama and honor, especially if you were already from a family that had been disgraced in the past. This is why Eadith is so appalled, and why when he later brings up treachery, his men don’t want to go with it.” [Sic]

The Last Kingdom is streaming on Netflix now.

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