The Masked Singer unmasked the very first celebrity singer of season four in its Wednesday, Sept. 23 premiere.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back

The Masked Singer has returned with a brand new season and thus we're here to drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out which celebrities are under all those masks. The first mystery was already solved for us at the end of tonight's episode when the Dragon was revealed to be none other than Busta Rhymes

Apparently the panelists and host Nick Cannon are also competing against each other this season, and Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Nick all guessed Busta correctly so they take an early lead 

The premiere also introduced us to Popcorn, Giraffe, Sun and our personal obsession, the Snow Owls. Everyone put on a pretty good performance, but it's the Snow Owls who have us stumped because this show has never before had a duo competing as one contestant and we're torn between wanting them to last as long as possible and desperately wanting to know who they are. 

Their clue package said we haven't seen them together in a while, but now it's time for a "family reunion." The girl owl later said "oh brother!" when the boy owl wouldn't stop making "who?" jokes. This leads us to believe they are either a real brother and sister or they played an iconic brother and sister in a TV show or movie. 

Jenny guessed that they might be Donny and Marie Osmond, even though Donny was already a contestant in season one. Our first guess was Derek and Julianne Hough, and even though both of the Hough sibs are singers, the voices don't quite match and they feel a little older. 

We'll continue think about this for the next week, but in the meantime, keep up with all the clues we have so far! 

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"If you want a hot clue to finding my identity, just look into stocks and bonds." 

Clues: His lair is a bit humid, he loves a funky outrageous costume, he's on a quest to be the best, his fire is "dangerous," he switched gears and now he has a lot of gold, a bone, the Statue of Liberty

Revealed to be Busta Rhymes in episode one.

"If you're trying to figure out who I am, here's a hint: This sun knows how to shine like a torch even during the freezing winter."

Clues: Gold Member, extreme seasons, felt like the center of the universe but the spotlight was too much, Mickey Mouse ears, frozen, A Quiet Place, feels like the sun is a reflection of her 

"If you're looking for a hint to my identity, you should know I share something in common with a powerful giant."

Clues: He's had a roller coaster career, music is in his blood but he became the butt of jokes when he took a big risk and crashed and burned, $3, drummed up towering success, he's in the driver's seat and he's off to the races 

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, what makes me the biggest miracle of all?"

Clues: Snacks and the City, goldfish wearing hoops, tiger, built a career around love but she's a "hard-corn" hustler, works long nights "rushin'" from one job to the next, meatloaf, snake, apples, a little cheesy, she jet sets to exotic places with royalty

"You can try and figure out who we are, but as for who is more talented, it's a tie." 

Clues: We haven't seen them together in a while but now it's time for a family reunion, he's a prankster who once covered their house in snow, a pearl, a rose, Hollywood, Magnolia and "Quarrel Canyon," 

"I assure you that even though I may be cold-blooded, I have a warm and glowing flow with H20."

"It's very fitting that I have so many appendages. After all, I'm known for having a lot of hands to latch onto."

"If you want a hint about me, I own who I am. I know my voice can go high, but my dishes go deep."

"If you want to know who's behind the mask, you'll need to figure out who's under my hats."


"Some might say that my career had a magical start."


"If you want to know how I instantly appeared, here's the prescription number to my identity." 


"Check the gremlin manual and you'll see I can thrive when the temperature is a cool 66.5 degrees." 


"Living in the ocean can be dangerous, so it's always good to find a quiet place to hide."


"A special set of keys reversed my game forever. Tic-tac-whoa." 

"I'm a broco-lean, mean, heart-pumping machine. After all, it's how I got my six-pack."

"If you're looking for a hint about this Baby Alien, all you have to do is look to the stars."


The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

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