Anne-Marie shares anxiety battle in candid The Voice moment

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Anne Marie joined The Voice last year after replacing Meghan Trainor, who left to have her baby. The 2002 hitmaker also rose to victory by beating her fellow judges when her finalist Craig Eddie won the show. When Anne Marie isn’t busy filming for the ITV talent show, she is producing new music and touring.

However, speaking in an exclusive interview with and other press, Anne Marie discussed how Ed Sheeran has been a good friend to her.

“I feel like he’s kind of been through it all,” she said. “So every time I feel down or like I’m having a situation with a certain thing, I just ask him straight away, I feel like he has the answers.

Sharing a warning from Shape of You hitmaker, Anne Marie added: “He would say stuff like, ‘Stay in contact with your parents, like call your parents’.

“I forget sometimes that I’m telling everyone on social media what’s going on, and I haven’t even told my mum and dad.”

Praising Ed, Anne Marie added: “He’s a great person to have around.”

Ed isn’t the only person the 32-year-old seeks advice from as she explained she often speaks to co-star Sir Tom Jones about their respective careers.

She even questioned the 82-year-old about whether was “done” and whether he’d consider retiring.

The 32-year-old continued: “He feels like every time he does a show, he said to us…” Anne Marie said. “Because I was like, ‘Are you bored? Are you done?’

“I was like, ‘You have experienced so much and nothing is new to you’ and he said, ‘every time I hear a new voice, it is the best feeling ever’.

“He just loves it,” the pop star added. “He just loves it.”

Olly Murs weighed in: “You have to remember, he has lived through the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. So you imagine all the types of singers that have come and gone.

“I was saying earlier, our show this year is so diverse. We have had so many different talents, from classical singers to modern singers, to UK rappers to Spanish rappers.

“We had like all sorts of classical singers, opera singers. We have had everything,” the Troublemaker star continued.

“And it’s like, I think Tom just gets so excited by hearing all these new artists coming through and all these different styles.

“And he’s still here, he’s still in it. I mean, I hope in 60 years I’m still rocking it on The Voice.”

Earlier on in the series, Sir Tom made Anne Marie cry when he paid a tribute to his late wife Linda.

The singer got so emotional she was forced to walk off the set when her co-star sang a moving son in Linda’s memory.

“Tom sang one of his songs called Crumble for his wife,” Anne Marie remembered.

“And I had to walk off, not because it was bad, [but] because it was so emotional.

“I think this is like a testament to him and why he has been able to stay around [for] so long because he feels every word he says and every song he releases he means it.

“And he was singing that song and he said, ‘This is to my wife’ and he just f****d me up.”

The Voice airs on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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