Harry does not want to be featured in The Crown says Myers

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The popular series depicts the Royal Family through the ages, and the upcoming series five will focus on the 1990s – a controversial decade for the royals. The Crown fans are excitedly awaiting the new instalments, but apparently, filming has been “shut down” by the royals, who are “not happy” with some of the planned content.

The Crown has captivated audiences since it started on Netflix in 2016.

Not shying away from the controversies surrounding the family, speculation about the royals not being pleased with the series has always been rife.

But it’s been reported they have already “shut down” some series five filming.

Royal author Tina Brown talked about the royals’ attempts to block filming.

“Whenever they can, they stop The Crown filming in locations where they have an influence,” she claimed.

“For instance, [Eton College] refused to let them film there, which was undoubtedly about recognising William’s feelings that, you know, they weren’t going to have it.”

Speaking to The AV Club, she continued: “So they’ve shown their displeasure by making it quite clear that they are not happy, and will give no help.”

Buckingham Palace declined to comment when approached Express.co.uk.

The series has explored the highs and lows of royal history, with some dramatised scenes included.

Rumours have swirled since the series began the royals aren’t pleased with how they are portrayed in the series.

Fans of The Crown will be eager to see how the decade is portrayed in the new episodes, which are bound to focus heavily on Diana, Princess of Wales.

It was recently announced the series would explore Diana’s treatment ahead of her famous BBC interview.

Almost three decades on from the BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, in which Diana exposed details of the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, controversy surrounding the way in which the interview was obtained is under question.

The BBC recently paid damages to Alexandra Pettifer and Tiggy Legge-Bourke due to “fabricated” claims.

It’s been reported the popular royal drama will reveal the “deceitful behaviour” used to secure the bombshell interview.

Following the revelations, it seems the Netflix drama will attempt to show what went on behind the scenes.

A source close to the Netflix drama reportedly claimed: “Season five of The Crown will dramatise events surrounding the Panorama interview, given the pivotal part it played during the time period the new series covers.”

Speaking to PA, they continued: “It will reflect what we now know about how the interview was obtained and how Diana was treated.”

The interview caused shockwaves around the globe as Diana talked about how there had been “three people” in her marriage when asked about Camilla.

An inquiry found evidence the BBC had used deceitful behaviour to enable the interview to go ahead.

With this interview and the other historic royal moments of the 1990s set to be included, viewers can expect a significant series in the popular show.

The Crown is available to watch on Netflix.

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