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Tipping Point fans found themselves distracted during Thursday's instalment of the ITV quiz show, as one particular contestant caught their eye with her unusual fashion choice.

The player in question, Ashleigh, was facing off with Eileen, Mike and Greg to answer the most questions and retrieve counters from the Tipping Point machine.

But, while she was busy fending off questions from host Ben Shephard, viewers were distracted by Ashleigh's stunning looks – and retro dress.

The blonde beauty donned a silky lilac number with huge puff sleeves, reminiscent of a bygone 80s era – and with her hair tumbling down her shoulders, made fans think of stars from the latter half of the 20th century.

Taking to Twitter, one user penned: "Ashleigh is pretty!"

"Has Ashleigh been auditioning for Dallas or Dynasty?" another cheekily wondered, as a third viewer wrote: "Is Ashleigh off to the ball after Tipping Point?"

"Everyone rooting for Ashleigh!" someone else agreed.

As another pointed out: "I can't remember when I have ever seen bigger [sleeves] even in the 80s."

"Ashleigh had a seriously pretty face!" someone else gushed.

But it wasn't meant to be, as Ashleigh found herself booted out of the iconic quiz after the second round, leaving Eileen and Greg to battle it out in the final head-to-head.

Fans quickly lamented her loss, with one writing: "Taxi for Ashleigh who didn't have a lovely day!"

It was Eileen who soared to victory in the end, promising Ben that she planned to spend the money on an anniversary treat for her husband of 50 years.

"I bet it's been 50 years of bliss, hasn't it, Eileen?" Ben asked, as she laughingly agreed.

She planned to take hubby Aubrey on a cruise to celebrate their milestone.

It comes after Ben was forced to step in during an episode of Tipping Point earlier this week, as one contestant didn't seem to know how to drop her counters.

Colette appeared to struggle with the classic arcade game – and, at one point, things got so bad that Ben had to give her hints on how to release her counters.

But he didn't seem to mind too much, sympathising with Colette when her counters turned out to be riders – that is, counters sitting on top of others rather than helping to push more free.

Ben exclaimed: "Oh no, oh Colette! Three counters and three riders. It's really harsh."

Tipping Point airs at 4pm every weekday on ITV.

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