TIPPING Point was blasted by ITV viewers as contestants breeze through with the "easiest questions on any game show".

Player Richard managed to build up over £2000 by the second round of the penny machine game show.

He manged to get five questions correct before running out of time – but fans were quick to point out an incredibly easy question about the alphabet.

Host Ben Shephard asked Richard: "What is the penultimate letter of the English alphabet?"

Richard of course answered "Y" – which led to many fans to complain about how easy the question was.

One Tipping Point fan said: "What is the penultimate the letter of the alphabet??? Who writes these questions??? FFS"

A second remarked: "“What is the penultimate letter of the alphabet?” Are you joking me, ITV?!"

A third added: "Easiest questions on a quiz show ever today #TippingPoint"

Richard ended up beating his competition Alice, John and Grace and made it through to the final round.

He already made £3,500 – but taking the £10,000 looked unlucky with the jackpot token in the corner.

Richard ended up leaving with his £3,500.

However, along the way Alice managed to infuriate viewers by failing to answer how many hours are there in a day correctly.

She answered with "96" – when obviously the answer is "48".

One viewer said: "How many hours in two full days? Er 96! Jesus Christ how do people not know this"

A second tweeted: "2 days = 96 hours Is Grace living on a different planet #tippingpoint"

A third remarked: "96 hours = 2 days? I suppose in these crazy times I could see why she gave that answer!"

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