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Tipping Point fans fumed over a group of "noisy" contestants who kept talking to each other during the game.

The popular ITV game show returned with a new episode on Thursday (December 30) – but it wasn't long before its viewers noticed a lot of background noise in the episode.

Presenter Ben Shephard welcomed his latest batch of players into the studio – Jilly, Connor, Marcus and Dee – who were all hoping to win a hefty cash prize to take home.

The aim of the game is to answer general knowledge questions correctly to win coins which you can then use on the Tipping Point machine.

Contestants can then drop the coins into the machine to knock counters off of the shelf and potentially win thousands of pounds at the end of the game.

However, many fans hoping to sink their teeth into the game were quickly distracted by the noise in the studio – as the players kept chatting to each other during the episode.

The excitable players were meant to be rivals, but that didn't stop them congratulating each-other and commentating on their opponents' drops.

The friendly players even seemed disappointed for one another when the game didn't go their way – and would keep talking when it wasn't their turn to play on the machine.

Viewers didn't shy away from venting their frustration at the chatty players on Twitter.

One said: "Lots of background noise today"

A second moaned: "Shut the f**k up it's not your turn".

A third penned: "Noisy lot"

A fourth penned: "Why don't the contestants just shut up"

A fifth added: "We don't need commentary from either of you"

At the start of the game, Connor failed to bag some counters and the other players cried out in sympathy in a surprising show of support.

One burst out with: "Oh, such a shame!", and he reassured: "It's fine, don't worry."

In the end, it was Connor against Marcus in the penultimate round – both of whom had racked up over £2,000.

Connor just about got the better of his opponent though, beating Marcus with a total of £2350 compared to Marcus' £2250.

The youngster then went on to win big money as he was able to collect the Jackpot Counter – meaning he took home a whopping £10k.

Celebrating his win, he said he had been "dreaming" of the moment for a while.

Ben said that he was thrilled for the player.

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