Prince George: Lorraine discusses outfit for Euro 2020 final

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ITV daytime star Lorraine Kelly is well known for presenting her breakfast programme Lorraine but has also fronted several other shows throughout her career. However, one of her 2016 TV projects has now received criticism from Channel 5’s head of programmes.

In 2016 Lorraine presented a documentary series titled: Penguin A&E with Lorraine Kelly.

The series saw her travel to South Africa and visit Cape Town’s busiest penguin hospital.

In the four-part series, Lorraine looked into how the hospital helps over 1,500 penguins every year.

While there she met and interviewed a group of veterinarians who were dedicated to saving the animals.

In the trailer for the series, Lorraine can be heard saying: “Penguins have it tough. They survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.”

“Join me, Lorraine Kelly, in Africa’s penguin hospital and experience the remarkable relationship between penguin and person.”

However, the programme has now received criticism from the man who commissioned it, Channel 5’s head of programmes, Ben Frow.

In a recent interview, Ben reflected on some of the highs and lows of his career.

He named Penguin A&E with Lorraine Kelly as one of the worst programmes he’s ever commissioned.

Ben recalled: “There was Penguin A&E with Lorraine Kelly.

“It’s got penguins, it’s got A&E, it’s got Lorraine Kelly! Perfect! Total flop,” he told The Guardian.

It is clear the programme had some flaws as out of the four episodes produced, only two made it to air.

Speaking at Edinburgh TV Festival last year, Ben spoke of his “biggest failure” noting that he did learn something from the programme’s lack of success.

He said: “What I learned was you never, ever, ever presume that something is going to work.”

“We commissioned two episodes and we were so certain that the combination of penguins, A&E and Lorraine Kelly was a slam dunk that we doubled the order, only to find that it launched and sank like a stone,” he told The Metro.

Lorraine however, seemed thrilled with the series at the time of its release and spoke about her love of penguins during an appearance on The Wright Stuff.

Chatting about the animal, she said: “They’re really soft. Actually, it would be a real stress-buster just sitting and cuddling a penguin.”

“It’s therapeutic and they’re so cute. They are like little people. They are so, so cute,” Lorraine exclaimed.

She told viewers how penguins in South Africa were at risk saying: “They’re getting run over by cars, dogs are attacking them on the beach.”

Lorraine airs on ITV on weekdays at 9am.

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