A traveller who reckons he's a "playboy" and "10-woman kind of man" said he was forced to dump his pregnant girlfriend because she was arguing with him, bringing "bad luck".

Teddy Lee appeared on TLC's Gypsy Brides US and said his girlfriend, Megan, was a bit of a party pooper because she was unable to drink ahead of the birth of their child.

He said: "I’m a playboy and she’s pregnant. You don’t want to go out with someone who can’t drink while you’re having a good time."

The dad-to-be, from Coleman, Alabama, was then filmed locking lips with another woman, a traveller called Corrie, while out at a local bar.

"I’m at least a two-woman man. I’m a 10-woman man," he boasted directly at the camera after enjoying his kiss with Corrie.

He added: "I’m a good-looking guy. I’m a sexually active person, I like for women to experience the Teddy experience.

"I’m out with another girl while I’ve got Megan at home because I just wanna have a good time."

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Unfortunately, the next morning Megan was upset with him and called him up, demanding an explanation, which leaves Teddy absolutely furious and claiming she had broken a major traveller taboo.

Talking into the camera, he explained: "She calls me in the morning, we’re arguing over the phone and that’s my number one rule over anything.

"Don’t argue in the morning.

"That’s a big superstition for me, a gypsy superstition. No arguing in the morning.

"If you see a snake crossing the road, you turn around and go the other way, if you see a back cat, don’t look and go the other way, if you hit a bird, that means death is coming.

"Crazy things, but to me, it is all true."

Teddy then screams down the phone to Megan, telling her it’s over and to never contact him or any of his family members again.

And the traveller seems to quickly put it all behind him by meeting up with Corrie that very morning.

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