IDK about you, but I mark February 23, 2000 as my formal introduction to the world of pop culture—aka the day that Jennifer Lopez caused jaws around the world to drop after she hit up the red carpet at the 42nd Annual Grammy awards in that plunging jungle-printed Versace dress. In fact, the dress was such a show stopper that it legit inspired the creation of Google Images and changed the entire course of internet history. So uh, that being said, it’s no wonder why Tyra Banks showed love for J.Lo’s dress on Dancing With the Stars.

Last night was Icons Night on DWTS, and to mark the occasion, Tyra wore a dress that was printed so similarly to J.Lo’s that I definitely had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t a replica. Here’s Tyra’s interpretation:

Aaaaaand here’s J.Lo in the original version of the dress 20 years ago:

Tyra didn’t just limit herself to one look, though. Later on in the evening, Tyra had an outfit change and dressed up in a super structured, femme-bot ensemble and topped off the look with a bubblegum pink wig to look like Nicki Minaj.

Here’s some reference imagery for ya:

Truly have been loving Tyra’s hosting looks recently, and can’t wait to see what she wears on next week’s episode!

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