NETFLIX's Unsolved Mysteries' Stolen Kids episode has left parents fearful of allowing their children to use playgrounds.

The giant streaming platform's popular American mystery documentary series highlights cases that are not the subject of a recent criminal investigation.

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The final episode of the reboot's second series tells the chilling stories of Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker, who went missing from the same park in Harlem, New York in 1989.

Fans took to Twitter and commented on how sad the episode was, while concerned parents also weighed in on what they had seen.

One distressed fan penned along with several broken heart emojis: "The stolen kids episode on #UnsolvedMysteries reaally broke my heart #ChristopherDansby #ShaneWalker."

A second viewer added: "The Stolen Kids episode of #UnsolvedMysteries made me so sad. stuff like that makes you scared to have kids and makes you scared for the kids in your family. Ppl be so evil."

The tweets continued as this viewer wrote: "Stolen Kids makes me never want my kids to play at a public playground. #UnsolvedMysteries."

While this audience member wrote: "The Stolen Kids episode of #UnsolvedMysteries is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen, how do two kids go missing from the SAME PARK and nobody knows anything 30 years later?!?"

There are scary similarities in the two cases, which lead many to believe that they are connected.

The city put out a $30,000 reward for anyone with information on the case, and the boys have reportedly been seen over 500 times in the three decades since they went missing, even as far as Puerto Rico – but they have never been found.

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From another episode in the series, the daughter of Unsolved Mysteries' JoAnn Matouk Romain has revealed one of the reasons her mother would have never taken her own life.

The hit Netflix series featured one episode in series two titled Lady in the Lake, which looks at JoAnn's death in 2010.

JoAnn went missing in the January and her body was found 70 days later in a lake 30 miles away from her last known location.

Police ruled her death as suicide, but her daughter Michelle is convinced she was murdered, even going as far as hiring her own pathologist, scientists, investigators and lawyers.

She says in the episode: "My mum always was and as she became older became more about being Catholic and going to church, more than just on Sundays you know going during the week. If you’ve heard about Catholics, suicide is against all beliefs.”

Watch volume two of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix now.

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