Vanessa Feltz did not hold back on This Morning today, as she called out a viewer live on air after he phoned in for help on how to end his marriage.

The viewer posing as ‘Pete’ called in for relationship advice, after his marriage to his wife had reached what he believed was the end.

Pete confessed things fell apart with the mother of his two children, both aged under two, to the point of no return.

He’s even dating someone knew, claiming the bad relationship with his wife and “lack of intimacy” led to him moving on.

But Vanessa was having none of it, issuing some stern advice to the man as he asked her how he should leave his partner.

She reminded him he hadn’t been “forced” to start a new relationship while still with his wife, while adding she believed the wife had no blame.

Vanessa told him: “I don’t know about being forced to see someone else, you’ve decided to call time on this relationship even though you’re married and she’s the mother of your two children.

“This is all in your court, you’re making all these decisions. If you’re asking how to end it, well you’re doing well to destroy it aren’t you, in seeing somebody else and deciding you’re not in love with your wife anymore.

“So I suppose what you do is you come clean, you’re honest and the most important thing of all is you're as kind as you can possibly be.”

Vanessa added: “It doesn’t sound to me as if any of this is her fault. If your feelings have changed, you take responsibility. Be the best father you can and the best want to be ex-husband you can. Don’t lie anymore, don’t cheat on her, and be honest and be kind.”

Viewers raced to Twitter over the moment, with one fan commenting: “Love @VanessaOnAir  #thismorning straight to the point.”

Anther agreed: “Pete is getting destroyed on live television.”

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