Virgin River’s Alexandra Brecknridge struggles with new puppy

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As fans eagerly await Virgin River’s fifth season, the cast has dropped some major revelations about the plot. This includes Lauren Hammersely, who recently opened up about when she learned the truth about Jack Sheridan’s (played by Martin Henderson) ties to her unborn twins.

Since Charmaine first announced her pregnancy in season one, fans speculated about the father of her unborn twins.

Although Jack’s relationship with Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) was getting serious, Charmaine named Jack as the father because they had briefly dated before Mel’s arrival.

While his blossoming new relationship, Jack was happy to co-parent with Charmaine and offered her support.

However, the season four finale took an unexpected turn as the expectant mother dropped the bombshell news she was lying the entire time.

While viewers were stunned to learn the truth, actor Lauren admitted she didn’t know about the paternity until the last possible moment.

Lauren revealed: “I didn’t know until the script came out.

“The entire time I thought they were Jack’s babies and when the last episode came out, it was a few weeks before we actually shot the episode.”

Speaking on the Chatting with B podcast, she confirmed: “That’s when I knew.”

The jaw-dropping scene took place after Charmaine called Mel and Jack over to her house after a medical situation.

After Mel stepped into her healthcare shoes and helped her calm down from a panic attack, Charmaine confessed the babies were not Jack’s.

While fans didn’t get to see their reaction to her admission, many have shared theories about who the real father could be.

Many suggest it could be her controlling husband Todd Masry (Patrick Sabongui), who was introduced in season three.

Their relationship quickly took a dark turn after Todd wanted to take control of Charmaine’s pregnancy.

He also wanted Jack to renounce all responsibility for his children, so the family could move away from Virgin River and into a bigger house.

It’s possible Charmaine could have first met Todd around the time of her fling with Jack and only brought him to the small town in season three.

However, she called Jack after discovering evidence to prove Todd may have been cheating on her with suspicious hotel visits.

Following the revelation, Mel star Alexandra provided insight into Jack’s fate in season five.

“I mean, you could tell Charmaine was very upset, very remorseful at the end of season four, I’m pretty sure that Jack is fairly p***ed off.

“So we’ll see where that leaves the three of them this year.”

“I think he’s going to have a real hard time forgiving her, rightfully so,” she added to

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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