Tom Hanks is known as a good guy, which is exactly why Jimmy Kimmel decided to dare the actor to steal a cardboard cutout of himself from a souvenir shop on Hollywood Boulevard. In a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hanks attempted to prove that he’s not so perfect after all.

“Have you ever stolen anything?” Kimmel questions Hanks in the clip. “Other than material?” Hanks replies. “Not in my adult life.” When Kimmel proposes that Hanks head next door to steal a cutout of himself Hanks leaps up and says, “Watch this.” He adds, “The only thing I’m going to be arrested for is being too charming.”

Once he gets inside the shop Hanks greets all the customers, telling them hello and asking where they’re from. Eventually he finds the collection of cardboard cutouts, which include Taylor Swift and Matt Damon (“Give me a second,” Hanks says, grabbing the Damon cutout and defacing it with a Sharpie). Then, without hesitation, he picks up his likeness and shouts, “Hi, I’m Tom Hanks and I’m stealing this standee.” He also steals a few plastic Oscar statues for good measure.

Hanks appeared on the late night show in support of his new movie Toy Story 4, his fourth appearance as animated character Woody. The film is in theaters June 21st.

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