THINK The Masked Singer with a twist, BBC's I Can See Your Voice is one big lip sync/guessing game challenge.

Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, the show focuses as much on image as it does actual vocal talent.

When does I Can See Your Voice start on BBC One?

The show is set to hit screens for the first time THIS SATURDAY (April 10, 2021) at 7:20pm.

I Can See Your Voice has been dubbed by many as the BBC's answer to the ITV smash-hit The Masked Singer, where the identity of the singers is hidden by outlandish outfits.

The programme has been inspired by an extremely successful South Korean equivalent, before a U.S. version of the series launched last year.

What is I Can See Your Voice?

The show rejects the premise of just about every other singing competition, while the identity of the performer is hidden in the the likes of The Masked Singer and The Voice, everyone on stage is visible for all to see here.

However, the twist is – judges and viewers alike can't actually hear them.

Explained best by the show's host, Take Me Out star Paddy McGuiness, who said: "You've got to guess [who is singing] by how they hold the microphone, their mannerisms, little video clips we see of their home life, and lip-sync rounds.

"You want to leave a good singer to the very end, and get rid of the bad singers all throughout the show."

Each episode will see two members of the public set the challenge of trying to determine which of the contestants is the 'good' singer. A less talented singer could still snag the £10,000 prize if they last the entirety of the show without being rumbled.

However, if the contestants succeed in finding the good singer, then they're the ones who win the jackpot.

The number of contestants is whittled down at the end of each round, whenthe singer who's being evicted is forced to reveal whether they can actually sing or not.

Who are the I Can See Your Voice judges?

The show features three regular judges, while every week one new celebrity will take on the role of fourth guest judge.

The trio of main judges are made up of Comedian Jimmy Carr, This Morning presenter Alison Hammond and actress & TV personality Amanda Holden.

Holden conceded the show's philosophy is rooted in values we have been taught to reject, claiming: "It kind of goes against everything we as a society have been taught – which is, 'Try not to judge anything by its appearance.' But that's exactly what we're doing, because it's all we've got."

Comic Carr admitted he relished the idea of the series as a chance to give viewers a different perspective on his 'edgy, near the mark comedy' image.

He said; "It's a slightly different side of me on this, It's a very friendly show, and we all got along from the get go.

"It feels quite joyful, I get up and dance during this, it's very much like meeting me at a wedding."

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