THE Catch is a a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of the seats.

The Channel 5 drama is filmed against an idyllic backdrop, which may have fans wondering where it was shot.

Where is The Catch filmed?

The Catch – which follows a man who is driven to the brink – was filmed in Ireland.

The Channel 5 drama is based on the book of the same name, by TM Logan that was originally published in 2020.

The four-part series stars Line Of Duty star Jason Watkins, and Poppy Gilbert who is known for Chloe.

The Catch was shot in Dublin around Bray, north and south of the city.

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Speaking to about filming in the Irish capital, actor Jason: "It's surprising because you think Dublin is a city but it's actually sort of a seaside resort in some respects.

"It's surrounded by beaches, so when it was extraordinary weather it was 10 degrees hotter than it normally is at that time of year and it was sort of tropical.

"You did feel like you were in a capital city by the seaside, which I think is a really well-kept secret."

He added: "I think most people think that you'd go and have a weekend as a cultural thing but actually when you spread out, there's the beautiful coastline, so we made the most of that in this."

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Where is The Catch set?

Despite being filmed in Ireland, The Catch is actually set against the coastline of the west of England – although an exact location isn't revealed.

The Catch follows lead character Ed Collier, a proud husband, father and local fisherman determined to do whatever it takes to keep his family together.

But when a rich, handsome younger man enters daughter, Abbie’s, life and threatens to take her away from him, Ed finds his life spiralling out of control.

Secrets and lies are exposed with every twist and turn but will Ed discover the truth about his daughter’s new boyfriend before it’s too late?   

Despite the gripping nature of The Catch, the series is NOT based on a true story.

How can I watch The Catch?

The Catch starts on Channel 5 tonight (January 25, 2023) at 9pm.

The drama will also be available to watch on My5 with four episodes altogether.

The series will air weekly at the same time. 

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