IF you've seen TikTok star Simple Simon, then the odds are you've most likely come across Keeley starring in some of his viral videos.

But who is the youngster and is she Simple Simon's daughter? Here's everything you need to know.

Who is Keeley on TikTok?

Keeley Colbran, 18, is a popular TikTok star and footballer, best known for showing off her dance talents and posting humorous videos

She uploads on the app under the handle @keeley.dancex.

She currently has an impressive 405.8k followers on TikTok – earning her 7.1million likes across her videos.

In 2022, Keeley gained even more notoriety than she already had when she began arguing with fellow TikToker and OnlyFans creator, Astrid Wett.

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And their problematic relationship didn't stop there.

Through gaining attention on the app, the pair are now settling their differences in the boxing ring.

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 – Keeley and Astrid will put down their phones and pick up a pair of boxing gloves as they fight it out at the Misfits Boxing show.

Many social media users may also recognise her from being linked to fellow TikToker Simple Simon.

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Is Keeley Simple Simon's daughter?

Keely is the daughter of TikTok sensation Simple Simon.

She has featured in several of her father's TikTok videos – where two can been light-heartedly dancing.

The teenager was also responsible for her father's newfound social media success, after encouraging him to join the app.

Speaking to LADbible, Simple Simon said: “Because my daughter was quite big on TikTok at the time, and she's grown on there as well.

''And basically, one day she said to me, ‘Oh, Dad, we should do like a TikTok video and put it on my account’ [on her account]. And I went, ‘Yeah, okay’."

Simple Simon rose to fame on the app after his spat with fellow social media mogul Cal The Dragon was broadcast on TikTok live.

He then gained further attention when he entered the ring with fellow TikTok star Ed Matthews after months of controversial spats over the app.

Is Keeley dating anyone?

In September 2022, the youngster took to TikTok to share with fans two videos of her and her boyfriend – however, she did not formally introduce him in either.

One of the videos shows the couple completing a taste challenge, in which they test out sweets.

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Her boyfriend can be seen blindfolded as Keeley feeds him the mysterious sweets – which turns out to be prank, as she feeds him a dog treat.

Despite introducing him to her fans, Keeley hasn't posed him since – so it is unknown if the couple are still dating.

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