THE Great British Bake Off is heading towards final week – but the semi-final saw another baker's journey come to an end.

Episode nine was Patisserie Week – but for one unlucky baker it was their last time in the famous tent.

Who left Bake Off 2020 last night?

Hermine became the ninth baker to leave the The Great British Bake Off tent.

Patisserie Week required all the bakers to raise their game but unfortunately Hermine didn’t make it through to the finals.

Peter was named Star Baker for the second time after impressing the judges.

Hermine said: "It should have been my finest hour on patisserie week as that is my forte, but it was not to be, it was heart breaking to leave at the semi final".

"‘For me it wasn’t about winning or getting Star Baker, I was more thrilled about getting positive comments from the judges, these are the things that made my experience in the tent magical.

"I bake from the heart and I want people to enjoy my food rather than taking the accolades."

She added: "But it’s been a pleasure, I believe everything has a reason and it was the right time for me to go.

"When I go home and reflect there will be a lot of happy memories, a lot of proud moments. I will take a lot of good things away from this.

"Winning Star Baker in two successive weeks was amazing, and I will treasure that, and it means a lot to me to come this far in the series.

Who is still on Bake off 2020?

The final three bakers are:

  • Dave Friday
  • Laura Adlington
  • Peter Sawkins

 Who has left Bake Off 2020 so far?

Every week a different baker says goodbye to the famous tent.

Here's who has been asked to leave so far:

  • Week Nine (Patisserie) – Hermine
  • Week Eight (Dessert) – Marc Elliott 
  • Week Seven (80s) – Lottie
  • Week Six (Japanese) – Mark L
  • Week Five (Pastry) – Linda
  • Week Four (Chocolate) – Sura
  • Week Three (Bread) – Rowan
  • Week Two (Biscuit) – Makbul 
  • Week One (Cake) – Loriea

When is Bake Off 2020 next on?

The tenth episode, and final, of Bake Off will air on November 24, 2020.

It will be on Channel 4 at 8pm.

It will decide who will win Bake Off 2020.

All episodes are available to watch on All 4 after they have aired.

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