Yellowstone: Jefferson White on Jimmy's possible return

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1883 has been airing on Paramount+ and the Western series has seen James (played by Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) flee their poverty-stricken home. They yearn to start a better life for themselves in Montana, which paves the way for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in the original hit show. Amanda Jaros plays immigrant Alina in the series and she spoke to about preparing for the role.

Alina has been travelling with Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) and her family, and she has been somewhat of a heavy influence.

She is not the strongest of characters but she is one of the most surprising when it comes to her forward-thinking.

Actress Jaros has already teased plenty more surprises for the character, who is the “wittiest immigrant on the wagon train”.

Speaking exclusively to, she opened up about the trickiest and best parts of the job.

She said: “Some of my other favourite parts of playing Alina have also been the most challenging.

“I don’t have a stunt double, so whenever Alina is on-screen doing something that’s me.

“No matter what conditions we’re facing and however long it took to film.

“And truth be told, it’s been physically uncomfortable to grow out my armpit hair and leg for five months.”

The star joked: “I’m just not used to my hair being this long! But it’s all part of the process.

“Embracing a different time and culture. In the 1880s, grooming legs and armpits was unheard of for a woman.

“Instead, a woman’s beauty was defined by the garments she wore instead of her body.”

She explained some of her best moments have been building a sense of community.

The actress added: “I’ve been blessed with so many new friendships within the last five months.

“Everyone has worked so hard together… and we’ve definitely had fun together too!

“It’s been an adventure on and off-screen.”

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Other challenges presented themselves in the form of extreme physical conditions during filming.

The weather and the physical requirements that come with performing her own stunts all posed obstacles.

She explained: “We’ve filmed in more than 100°F (38°C) heat, freezing conditions, dangerous winds.

“But it all adds to our experiences of what it would be like to live as pioneers.”

Opening up about her favourite moments, she said it was too difficult to list just one.

“My scene with Elsa (Isabel May) in episode four was particularly fun to film,” she added.

“The actor who plays my husband, Mikel (Jordan Ross), has also been wonderful to have by my side during each of our scenes.”

The actress and writer from LA has received plenty of praise for bringing authenticity to her role.

She had been keen to work with the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, for a long time.

The star said on Instagram that she had been “so blessed” to have worked on the project for five months.

1883 airs on Paramount+ on Sundays.

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