The Crown is attempting to paint the accused in a Kelowna murder trial as a liar.

On Thursday, Steven Pirko took the stand for a fourth consecutive day at his second-degree murder trial.

Pirko is accused of killing Chris Ausman in January 2014 with a hammer during a street fight along Highway 33.

Pirko admitted to the jury he lied to police on several occasions, including not remembering where he was on the night he hit Ausman with the hammer.

Pirko didn’t offer a reason to the court on why he lied.

The incident unfolded when Pirko and a friend, Elrich Dyck, were walking along Highway 33 at night.

Ausman was on the other side of the road and words were exchanged.

Pirko testified that the next thing he knew, Ausman was running across the road and a fight between Ausman and Dyck started.

Pirko said Ausman started winning the fight, which is when Pirko intervened, ultimately striking Ausman in the head with a hammer.

The Crown also touched on injuries to Ausman caused by the accused and Dyck, suggesting Ausman was losing the fight with Dyck.

Pirko has testified he hit Ausman because Dyck was losing the fight.

In court earlier this week, Pirko testified that he was intoxicated on the night Ausman died.

On Wednesday, he testified that he “wasn’t angry, I was scared” on the night of the killing.

Pirko also said he didn’t think that hitting Ausman with a hammer could have been deadly.

The trial continues.


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