A group of holidaymakers were hit with a disastrous start to their holiday after their suitcases were dumped across an airport floor in "nightmare" piles.

Phil Burke, from Rochdale, Manchester, said passengers received "no help whatsoever" when the conveyor belt broke in Malaga airport.

The councillor was expecting a peaceful arrival ahead of his friend's birthday celebrations, however, he was instead left to rummage through bags on the floor.

He said some travellers even stuck their heads through the conveyor belt entrance to call for help, but no one came, reports Manchester Evening News.

Speaking about the ordeal, Phil said: “It’s been a bit of a nightmare.

“We went downstairs [at Malaga] and two conveyors had stopped.

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"There were 60 or 70 bags all over the floor. People had to go through the bags themselves.

“There was no-one around to ask for assistance. It only needed a key to turn it back on. It took 25 minutes to get a rep from Tui to come down — he said they were fixing the other one.

"People were sticking their heads through the gap to shout to get their bags sorted. They had connections [to catch].”

Ultimately, it took Phil 25 minutes to find his bag.

However, there was some more panic as another flight from Leeds-Bradford was set to land shortly after, adding to the pile of suitcases.

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Phil continued: “What started out to be a nice break to celebrate someone’s birthday — we have been 20 minutes late and this. I just felt sorry for the people have to make connections.

“Check in was alright, security was fine. I was there at 2am, four hours before my flight," he added. "I did not want to risk turning up two hours before getting stuck.

“There was quite a lot of people at 1.40am. It was a reasonable size queue. We went straight through security, which opened at 3am. It’s nice that it is another airport and not Manchester!

“We took it in our stride. The people were quite nice in making sure they got everyone their bag. That’s just Manchester people for you.”

Daily Star has contacted Malaga airport for comment.

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