A TEEN babysitter who stabbed and strangled a nine-year-old boy to death has been jailed for life.

Daniel Cameron, who was 15 at the time, stabbed and strangled Hunter MacIntosh in October last year while he was babysitting him in Southland, New Zealand.

Justice Rachel Dunningham lifted the killer's anonymity as he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of at least 11 years in jail, report the New Zealand Herald.


The court heard that both Hunter's mum, Amy King, and Cameron's mum were playing pool at a pub on the evening of the murder.

Cameron had been babysitting Hunter, which he had reportedly done at least 10 times before, when he stabbed him, according to stuff.co.nz.

Cameron reportedly sent messages to three friends on Snapchat, asking "What would you do if I killed someone?"

He then messaged a friend on Facebook asking them the same question before asking them for a straightforward answer.

He asked his mum to collect him just before both parents returned.

When Amy returned at approximately 10:30pm she found her son lying on his back on the floor at the foot of his bed with a 25cm knife in his stomach.

She then ran out of the house screaming.

The post-mortem showed Hunter had three large stab wounds to his chest and torso and had marks on his neck, consistent with asphyxia.

The autopsy suggested that the boy had been killed within 90 minutes of being in the babysitter's care.

Devastated Amy reportedly told the court that Cameron was texting her during the period he murdered her son and was convinced that despite his age, he knew what he was doing.

She said: "He is a brutal murderer, his age should have no influence on his sentence, and no sentence will ever compare to the sentence he has given Hunter and us."


"Life really is a 'no life' sentence for Hunter."

She wished that Cameron could be "jailed forever" as he "chose to take away our son, our world."

Amy was 28 weeks pregnant at the time and she told the court that "the only thing" keeping her breathing and eating was her baby.

"People say, try to remember the good times – I remember finding my son dead – a knife protruding his stomach, blood around his mouth – him being so pale and knowing that I could not do anything to save him," she said.

Justice Dunningham, sentencing, told Cameron: "The impact of your offending has been devastating.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare and the [victim's] family are living with that nightmare."

The judge also told the court that she saw "no real evidence" of remorse from the killer but said it could be a "reflection of Cameron's immaturity."

The court also heard that Cameron had reportedly been bullied while at primary school but his mother felt that it had "no lingering effects" on him, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Bill Dawkins, defending, reportedly told the court that "he didn't have the answer" as to why Cameron killed Hunter.

He said: "Since my first meeting with the defendant I don't know why he did the unthinkable."

In a family statement released after sentencing, they said: "Hunter now has a wee brother who will never know him and his cousins still cry when he is not there.

"Time has not yet eased any of the pain caused by this senseless act and we still wait for an explanation as to what happened and why.

"We all miss him very much."

Outside court, members of the public reportedly shouted "you mongrel" at a prison vehicle as it left court.



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