An ambitious rat has sent dog owners and their pets into a whirlwind when it tried to take a short cut through a park.

The bizarre scene happened at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, New York City on Tuesday (May 24) as park-goer Dinny witnessed the Ratatouille-like moment.

In the video she uploaded on Twitter, the massive rodent is making a daring crossing as it runs past a group of at least six dogs in the middle of the square.

An eagle-eyed grey French bulldog runs along the rat and tries to take a bite but its owner yanks its collar and manages to stop it from attacking the rat.

But the chase continues as other excited canines pounce on the animal while their owners rush to stop them.

One beige-coloured Jindo mix dog, named Zoey, nabs the rat and shakes it violently before tossing it in the air.

The owner, who is seen wearing a grey hoodie, orders his dog to stay away from the rat with a finger-pointing command.

Other people follow suit and they manage to "save" the rat, which can be seen hobbling its way out.

Some viewers were shocked by the size of the rat and questioned why the people were "saving" the rat.

Others believed the dog owners were trying to keep their dogs away from the rodent so that it won't pass on any disease to their pets.

One mentioned: "Rats can be running around with the poison in their systems before they die. Killed off a lot of hawks that way."

Another wrote: "Complete chaos. I needed this chuckle."

Zoey's owner, Jonah, later posted online explaining that his pet was fine and didn't get sick despite biting the rat during the chaos.

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