“There will be some pretty heavy and thundery downpours at times through the week”

Helen Roberts

Met Office forecasters said heavy rain would lead to surface water flooding, which could have a serious knock-on effect regarding travel. 

Torrential rain will continue to fall in Northern Ireland overnight, meaning flooding of homes and businesses is likely. 

A yellow warning is in place, with bus and train services also facing delays. 

Meteorologist Helen Roberts said: “Low pressure and high temperatures across the near continent will lead to some very unstable air will at a time pushing either into the UK or at least very close to us, particularly in eastern parts of the country.

“There are three going on which will affect our weather this week, the jet stream is very far to the north of the UK and allowing the unstable air from the continent and we have low pressure generally in charge.”

She went on: “There will be some pretty heavy and thundery downpours at times through the week, and we are almost certainly going to issue a warning for rain.

“There could be a plume of warmer air associated with another low-pressure system due to arrive on Friday, however, temperatures will be subdued with cloud cover, but it will be quite humid” 

Scotland will also bear the brunt of the storms, while England and Wales will escape most of the downpour.

The unsettled weather will continue later into the week with showers and longer spells of rain throughout. 

From Thursday, heavy and potentially thundery rainstorms are predicted with gales expected late and Friday and into Saturday. 

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir added: “There is a lot of rain forecast through the next few days and a risk of thunder. 

“Temperatures will take a bit of a tumble with a bit of a cool start to the middle part of the week.”

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