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A breast cancer survivor says she has been left "distraught" after being charged £300 for a nightmare haircut which left her with a mullet.

The single mum, from Beverley, East Yorkshire was hoping to regain her confidence with some ombre-style hair extensions after losing her hair following a bout of chemotherapy following her diagnosis last year.

But the woman, who has asked not to be named because of her job as a nurse, says she was left feeling even worse after visiting the scammer at her flat in Hull.

She claims that the fake hair stylist not only hacked at her hair but also gave her random highlights which looked like zebra-striped strands of blond and brown, reports Hull Live.

The mum has slammed the hairdresser and said it's now going to cost her £600 overall after she gets it rectified.

The mum told the Daily Star that the hairstyle was originally advertised as £155 but said she ended up paying £300 after being told that her hair was short.

She said the hairstyle took five hours because the woman "took cigarette breaks every half an hour" so when it was finally finished she didn't think to examine the top of her head.

"When I got home I was looking and she hadn't even blended the top. It looks like a mullet," she said.

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After complaining to the woman on Facebook, the 40-year-old was told they'd done the job exactly as she'd asked and couldn't have put in any more strands of hair due to her hair's natural thickness.

"I just cant believe the outcome of all of this. All I wanted was to see long hair again because my hair was everything before I got diagnosed," she told the Daily Star.

"To lose it was absolutely devastating. I just wanted to feel and look feminine again and clearly she just messed it all up.

"I said to her whatever you do, don't make it look like Pat Sharp. Well what did she do, she made me look like that."

According to the mum, the hairdresser was also accused of charging an 18-year-old for dodgy hair extensions earlier this year.

The customer, named Megan Leigh, said she was left in "unbearable pain" because of badly-fitted extensions which she'd spent her birthday money on.

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At the time, the business owners claimed the complaints were "blown out of proportion" and denied any wrongdoing.

In January 2020, a 'survivor' support group was launched on Facebook who had received haircuts from the salon.

The group has gathered over 2,000 members with several claims that the scammer is still at large and ruining people's hair.

One person said: "I was furious and felt an idiot for letting myself be ripped off but soon realised I was one of literally hundreds of women who had much worse stories and outcomes than I had."

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Another person wrote: "I had my hair done by coco couture and I got the LA weave, I took it out last week because it had half fallen out already and I was left with matted hair like dreadlocks where the weave had been.

"It took me and my mum 2 days and 5 leave in conditioner treatments to get all the knots out, I thought I was going to have to shave my hair off."

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It is believed the fake practice operates with one person who does hair extensions and another who carries out botched beauty treatments – which has also been called out on the group.

The Daily Star tried to contact the salon's social media page but it appears to have been removed – with no number listed for the business.

A spokeswoman for Action Fraud confirmed they had received a report from the mum and that the matter was being investigated by the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

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