A "CANNIBAL killer" has been arrested over fears he killed and ate dozens of women in a basement during an horrific 20-year murder spree.

Andres Filomeno, 72, was taken into custody in the Mexicn municipality of Atizapan de Zaragoza by shocked detectives at around 8pm on Saturday evening.

They had been sent to his home to talk to him about the disappearance of a woman and then found mutilated remains lying on a table, according to news site Telediario.

Under questioning, the elderly suspect reportedly admitted to slaughtering around 30 women over the last 20 years.

Filomeno even had a list of names of his "victims" jotted down in a notebook, say the chilling reports.

He also allegedly admitted to carrying out sickening acts of cannibalism by eating parts of the corpses.

The authorities have yet to find the remains of all the suspect's alleged 30 victims, say cops.

However, if later confirmed, it would exceed the 20 killed by Mexico's 'Monsters of Ecatepec' – a deadly couple who operated between 2012 and 2018.

The suspect reportedly wrote down the names of at least 29 victims in a notebook.

Prosecutor Dilcya Garcia said: "We found a basement made by the suspect which had a terrible scene with human remains.

"At least right now, we have the belongings of what could be five people, but there is also a notebook, a list, where there are names of different people, different women."

According to the news site Televisa, the police have found the skeletal remains of up to five people at the suspect's house as well as knives suspected of being used to kill and dismember the "victims."

Officers also found women's belongings including the ID of Flor Nineveh who disappeared in October 2016.

Another suspected victim has been named as Rubicela Gallegos Castillo, who disappeared in July 2019.

Local reports claim the suspect "could not bear the rejection of young and pretty women."

Meanwhile, the suspect has been sent to Tlalnepantla Prison for the murder of Reyna N., who whose remains were found at the property.

Reyna was last seen alive on 14th May when she went shopping where she reportedly bumped into the suspect, who lived nearby.

It is believed she was the woman whose body parts were found on the table by officers.

The investigation is ongoing.

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