Annalena Baerbock 'padded her resume' says commentator

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The German Green Party’s candidate to replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor has been forced to face an embarrassing scandal that threatens to upstage her election campaign. Annalena Baerbock has been accused of plagiarism and later had to correct parts of her CV which fell down under scrutiny. DW’s Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian argued the Greens co-leader had “padded her resume” with “inaccuracies” as he questioned Ms Baerbock’s preparedness to govern Germany.

Mr Sebastian told Franziska Brantner for the Greens: “As the campaign has gone on your candidate Annalena Baerbock has…suffered from diminishing fortunes.

“You are down around 10 percent since April, May.

“Turned out she had padded her resume with inaccuracies and had to correct the record and answer questions about her professional ethics.

“This is carelessness and incompetence isn’t it? Not qualities that are ideal for a Chancellor.”

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Ms Brantner replied: “Annalena Baerbock is our candidate and she is a great person.

“She is very capable and she has done mistakes, she has acknowledged them herself.

“She is probably the one who is most angry about them, herself.

“But I think it was a good move to also acknowledge that she made mistakes there and that we are now focusing on what is the substance of these elections.”

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“It is high time to change the government,” continued the Green politician.

“I am convinced, we are convinced that Germany can do better, that we need to do better.

“It is a time to choose a real climate government.”

It comes as a snap post-debate opinion poll on Sunday showed the left-wing Social Democrat (SPD) Olaf Scholz candidate ahead of his CDU rival Armin Laschet in the race to replace Ms Merkel.

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Witnessing the results of the poll, France 24’s Nick Spicer remarked: “It’s all about momentum in politics and the final stretch of the campaign.

“The German elections don’t really have long campaign seasons; they are about six weeks, unlike the US where you run for president for two years.

“People only pay attention for a short period of time.

“Short of something really dramatic, some kind giant scandal involving the integrity of some of the leading figures in the social democratic party, it’s hard to see how this could be turned around.”

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