Chaos on the streets of Birmingham as car mounts pavement and has its windows smashed with a pole during chase – while mass brawl breaks out

  • Footage shows the moment a brawl broke out on a Birmingham street 
  • Car windows were smashed with a pole while men fought on the busy road 

Chaotic footage shows the moment a mass brawl broke out on a busy commuter road as a car was chased through the streets and its windows were smashed with a pole by a group of men. 

Clips show a man chasing after a car wielding a metal pole on Coventry Road in Birmingham on Monday night as onlookers scream ‘don’t do it’.

The man brandishes the weapon as if to hit another over the head before smashing the Volkswagen’s back window in.

In the shocking clip, the car then reverses into a parked silver car before mounting the pavement at speed as the driver appears to try and chase the man down.

Further chaotic scenes appear to show other men brawling in the middle of the road, while a long stream of traffic builds up behind them.

The car attacked with a pole mounted the pavement at speed as the driver appeared to try and hunt the attacker down

A series of shocking clips of the incident on Coventry Road in Birmingham were shared on social media 

One infuriated man jumps out of the people carrier and bellows in the street before shadow boxing at an unseen assailant.

Cops can then be seen racing down the street to bring an end to the carnage as at least one man fled the scene from the crowd.

After the video was shared on Instagram, users reacted to the seemingly ‘lawless’ scene.

One user said: ‘Usual Monday night in Brum.’

One commenter said: ‘Always a big long stick or a car [because] they’re not brave enough for 1 on 1, coward.’

A crowd gathered to watch the brawl as it blocked traffic on the road before police arrived

Another said: ‘So glad I live in sleepy Malvern.’

A Facebook user said: ‘Looks very peaceful.’

A former local said: ‘F**k sake. Don’t miss living round there.’

West Midlands Police were contacted for comment.

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