A snack in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster is on sale on eBay – for more than £630,000.

Another of the Cheetos corn puffs of Nessie is more reasonable at just over £210.

Both are being sold from the USA. The most expensive of the snacks costs £633,784.44.

The seller says: “This Cheeto reminds me of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. I wouldn’t recommend eating this item… it will be packaged and shipped with care. Please feel free to message me, serious inquires only.

“Must purchase at $100,000 or higher to own one of the world’s most expensive Cheetos; maybe you can set a world record!

“Final sale; absolutely no returns, please purchase with confidence.”

The other Nessie Cheeto is up for £217.54 and the seller says it “stands up vertically”.

There were 16 reported Nessie sightings in the last 12 months – the most in any year this century – with 10 by webcam.

One hunter of the mythical beast recently claimed there was “more than one” of the creatures, after claiming to have recorded the “clearest” sighting so far.

It is not the first time unusual everyday items have sold for a fortune on the online marketplace.

A rare Kew Gardens 50p coin recently sold for a whopping £220.

Despite being highly sought after by collectors, there are around 210,000 minted as the coin entered circulation about 12 years ago.

An even more common 50p, released to mark Brexit in 2020, sold for £21,000 on eBay.

There are reportedly more than 10 million still in circulation.

Meanwhile, a believer claimed to have captured a distant relative of Nessie lurking in the waters off the coast of Cornwall.

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