Careless delivery drivers have been blasted for smashing shoppers’ Christmas orders.

One worker was filmed tossing a parcel marked “fragile” over a seven-foot fence.

Another was seen throwing a box over a gate, while another launched a package up the full length of a garden path.

Furious customers shared footage on social media of items which arrived broken after being hurled over gates and fences.

One man slammed delivery firm Hermes after a camera caught a driver chucking his parcel, which was clearly marked fragile.

He said: “Thanks for arriving at my house with an already dented box and then dropping it over a 7ft fence despite being fragile!”

Stills from the footage taken at his home in Staffordshire show his goods being launched over the gate on to paving stones below.

A video by another customer captured a Yodel driver lobbing a parcel from the roadside. It flew about 20ft before hitting the recipient’s door.

He posted the images and fumed: “My parcel peaked at about 10ft in the air before slamming into my front door splitting open and ruining the contents and still no reply!!!”

Yodel said it is investigating. A spokesman added: “This behaviour does not meet the strict protocols we set for our drivers.”

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Last year, 24% of people reported concerns about the reliability of Christmas deliveries, research showed.

Comparison site said retailers are responsible for a parcel’s safe arrival under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

A spokesman added: “If it’s damaged, you’ve got two options. Reject the delivery or take photos of the damage and get in touch with the retailer. If they put the blame on you for the damage, it’s up to them to prove it. It’s never the courier’s issue.”

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