A DESPERATE search for a missing LSU student whose car was found abandoned but with the engine still running has been launched.

Freshman Kori Gauthier, 19, was last seen when she was heading home to her campus on Tuesday night.

However, her car was found abandoned in the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge.

Another motorist had smashed into her stationary car and then discovered there was nobody at the wheel.

Her belongings, including her wallet, driver's license and phone were all found in the vehicle.

The Cajun Navy has joined the search to find Kori.

Her family started to panic when they discovered she didn't show up for work.

They pinged her cell and were able to locate it in her car, which had been brought to a salvage yard.

Kori's uncle, Spencer Gauthier says the last person to see her was her boyfriend, but police have confirmed there is no evidence of foul play.

Spencer took to social media to request assistance from the public, he posted a video online, stating, "A lot of you guys have been asking me how can you help. Getting on the ground, that will help me.

"I can't answer every phone call, but if you're there physically to pass out flyers, to beat the pavement, that's all I need.

"Like I said the car, the phone, the wallet that's all been found. I just haven't found my niece yet." 

This morning volunteers and law enforcement personnel met at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to organize search efforts. 

Anyone with information related to Gauthier's whereabouts should contact local law enforcement at either (225) 578-3231 or (225) 389-2000. 

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