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Princess Diana's personal astrologer has proven to be spookily accurate at foreseeing the future for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Debbie Frank made predictions before the Duke & Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in 2018, with many since having come true.

Having known Diana for many years, Debbie drew astrology charts for both Prince William and Harry when they were children.

Her predictions showed that 2021 would be a challenge for the couple and even seem to have foreseen their LA move.

Speaking to OK! with her predictions at the time, Debbie said: “There's a very intense aspect for Meghan – Pluto on the marriage angle of her chart – in a few years time in 2021.

"This will be a challenging period as Pluto means a transformation. It might be that there are major changes in the Royal Family to adjust to. This will be a test for them."

Debbie also predicted how Meghan would struggle with royal life and being part of the Royal Family in a similar way to Princess Diana.

She added: "Diana ended up being very isolated in the royal family, and likewise Meghan won't have family close by.

"If she's having a tough time, she won’t have any immediate supporters so needs to form her own support network. It's hard marrying into the Royal Family, there's tradition and protocol and hoops to jump through, it's an enormous undertaking."

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Probably one of the most accurate of all her predictions was the couple’s desire to leave the UK, while making note that Prince Harry would not be allowed to live abroad as long as he remains part of the Royal Family.

Debbie made note of foreseeing an ‘international move’ and how the couple would help raise awareness.

She said: “I think they are here to make things happen in the world, they will take things in a new direction, open our eyes and raise awareness for charitable causes. They are a remarkable couple.”

Debbie also made a prediction of the couple being ready to start their own family because of Meghan’s ‘mothering energy’, like the late Princess Diana.

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"Meghan has a strong need to nurture, whether it's her own children one day or the wider world," she said.

"She has cancer rising which was Princess Diana's sign. This mothering energy is all about others. Also like Diana, Meghan has Saturn in Jupiter placed close together in her chart. This means she is more prone to emotional ups and downs.

"There is clearly a strong chemical attraction between these two, but it looks like it will be a successful, long term union too. They share a strong imprint and can complete each others missing components.

"They would both like to have children. They would both be fantastic parents."

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