Meghan Markle has been “smarter” than Princess Diana and did her homework before joining the Royal Family, says a friend of the Princess of Wales.

The two princesses' similarities have been well-reported, with both speaking on TV about the struggles they faced living within the Firm.

But, according to Diana's former voice coach and confidante, Meghan was "smarter" than her late mother-in-law.

Speaking on Us Weekly's Royally Us podcast, Stewart Pearce said he was surprised at how little advice Diana had supposedly been given before marrying Prince Charles in 1981.

“What was extraordinary right from the very beginning, right from 1981 is that she was really not given a tremendous amount of advice,” he said.

“In the Royal Family it was sort of assumed that you would grow into it or you would know it."

Stewart, who is now releasing his book Diana: The Voice of Change, believed this was different to Meghan's approach.

He said: “I mean we saw the same thing with Meghan, she was given very little advice but being the smart woman Meghan is she really made a lot of enquiries.

"Whereas Diana, I feel that she was so in love with Charles that she felt he would assist her and I’m sure he did a tremendous amount but at the same time she also felt at sea on occasions.”

Stewart has also revealed how he was reticent about working for Diana initially due to the media circus that was surrounding her but when she asked him personally he said he couldn’t refuse.

With plenty of leaks to the press he became somebody that Diana was able to confide in.

“She disclosed lots and lots of difficulties that she was having,” he said.

Adding about the evolution of women in the Royal Family: “(Diana) was one of the first great voices of change and now Meghan is becoming another great voice of change.”

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