NEWS agency Reuters is one of the largest and most popular media companies in the world.

Their website covers all types of news around the clock, attracting over 40million users monthly.

Does Reuters now have a paywall on its website?

Reuters unveiled a new subscription service on April 15, 2021 tailored to business professionals seeking more in-depth coverage regarding a certain topic.

Those seeking information from the site will have to pay $34.99 a month to get past a paywall after five free articles.

In an emailed statement, Chief Marketing Officer Josh London called the launch "the largest digital transformation at Reuters in a decade."

He added: "Professionals need direct access to industry knowledge, data and insights from expert sources, and Reuters is pleased to offer our trusted, impartial and accurate news coverage through a premium offering."

When does the Reuters paywall take into effect?

It is still unclear when Reuters will begin to charge for their content. 

The paywall subscription has an incentive of offering live events, newsletters, channels on streaming TV services Roku and Plex and on audio through Inc, according to the company.

There will also be a concentration on legal news, sustainable business, healthcare, and automobile information.

With the paywall, Reuters will now join sites like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg that charge their visitors $38.99 and $34.99 respectively for content.

What is Reuters?

Reuters, owned by Thomson Reuters, is a massive news agency that employs over 2,500 journalists and 600 photojournalists from all over the world.

The company has about 200 locations worldwide. 

It was first established in London in 1851 and got acquired by the Thomson corporation in 2008.

The agency prides itself in delivering neutral content to the masses and have developed their own handbook of journalism to serve as a guide to reporters.

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