Removing Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

Re: “Omar’s antisemitism doesn’t belong here,” Feb. 2 commentary

Rep. Doug Lamborn’s outrage over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s rhetoric would be a bit more comical if The Post had not given Colorado’s longest-serving tinhorn so many column inches to vent his reasons for having Omar removed from the Foreign Relations Committee. This is the same Lamborn who likened former President Barack Obama to a “tar baby” in 2011. If The Post wants to grant such a podium for an attack on Omar, it should find someone who does not live in a glass house.

Barry Noreen, Denver

A congresswoman known for spewing antisemitic invective on the House floor has been removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy deserves kudos for keeping his promise to press for the removal of Rep. Ilhan Omar from the committee.

As U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn points out in the Denver Post, the committee “provides her a world stage from which she can continue to spread her antisemitic hatred.”

The United States and Israel have enjoyed an amicable relationship for 75 years. The election of House Speaker McCarthy may ultimately prove to be an invaluable asset to Congress and America’s longstanding support for the Jewish state.

Brian Stuckey, Denver

Rep. Lamborn, in his opinion column, supports removing Rep. Omar from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In doing so he compares her transgressions to Rep. Paul Gosar’s animated video of a character killing AOC. What he failed to say was that the character had Gosar’s face and was also shown attacking President Biden with swords. Had an ordinary citizen sent that video they would have been arrested by the FBI and spent some time in jail. Losing committee seats is pretty mild in comparison. Let’s be honest; the Republicans want to punish Democrats for existing. Can everyone grow up and get to the job they were hired to do?

Beth Heinrich, Colorado Springs

Free speech for Lamborn is the same First Amendment right guaranteed for all, including Rep.Omar, right?….but not so, of course, if you’re an old hypocritical white man with a bit of power. Do we really need a bunch of “Yes Men” on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, or should we have diverse viewpoints to fuel discussions?

As a representative, you were sent to D.C. to do the challenging work of finding solutions for real-life problems, not to score points. Get to Work!

J. M. Pustek, Thornton

Thus begins honeymoon period for new Broncos coach

Re: “After 35 days, Broncos finally do the right thing,” Feb. 1 sports commentary

I see that Mark Kiszla, the fairest fair-weather fan of them all, says that hiring coach Sean Payton was exactly what the Broncos needed all along. It will be interesting to see how soon his tune changes and he calls for Payton’s head because he doesn’t get the Broncos to a Super Bowl fast enough for his liking.

David Forsyth, Denver

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