A teenage girl was left shaken and crying at a bus station after a driver refused to open the doors and take her on board on the last ride of the night.

The 16-year-old tried to board the East Yorkshire bus at Beverley bus station to Dunswell at around 9.30pm on Sunday (November 7) after visiting her friends.

Her dad, Gary Hockeny told Hull Live that the incident has left her daughter frightened to go on a public bus.

In her video, she stands in front of the double decker and pleads for the driver to open the doors.

The girl asks: "Can you let me on the bus?"

The driver responds by beeping his horn and the girl continues: "I need to get home. Why? Just open the door."

She becomes distressed and starts weeping but the bus driver continues to horn and signals for the girl to step aside.

He flashes his lights and revs the engine while a nearby policewoman approaches to offer assistance to the girl.

"He won't let me on the bus", the girl told the officer. "[I'm going to] Dunswell, but he won't let me on the bus.

"I just missed it by a second so I ran up and he won't let me on."

The officer walks around the bus to talk to the driver, who claims: "I'm not allowed to open the doors, I'm not allowed to.

"Because it's health and and safety, I'm not allowed. She is an adult as far as I'm concerned and I am late."

The officer asks how old the girl is and she replies with her age.

She tells the driver that he could have got her on as there's nothing around at the bus station.

"Just as your job is to follow instructions, so is mine. I'm sorry," the driver says.

The girl was offered a ride home by the policewoman and she later showed the footage to her dad.

Gary told Hull Live: "If you look at the footage, she challenged the driver and he just referred to this blunt health and safety policy.

"I want to draw attention to his actions but also the officers, because it's such a positive thing that she did, I would have picked her up but it was such a nice gesture."

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A spokeswoman for East Yorkshire Buses said: "For safety reasons, our drivers are advised not to allow any more passengers to board once they have closed the doors and reversed off the bus station stands, as it is unsafe for passengers to try to enter the part of the station where buses are moving.

"Our driver was satisfied that the passenger was safe, and the bus was able to continue with its journey.

"We’d advise that passengers always ensure they arrive at their bus stop in good time, and we have live tracking features on our website and app which you can use to ensure you never miss a bus."

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