A fresher was weed on by senior members of the rugby team during a twisted initiation, it has been claimed.

The first-year student at the University of Durham was taking part in the team's infamous start-of-year ritual, The Tab reported.

One student who was at the event told the paper the urination was an accident.

They said: “It’s just a social. It’s fine.”

Another said the twisted act was “violently condescending” and put them off playing for the team altogether.

They added: “It really makes you consider how much you want to be a part of the club.

"I’d be disappointed if the situation wasn’t dealt with properly because it’s embarrassing to be associated with that sort of behaviour and ultimately it’s just not right.”

Earlier the same day senior members of the Durham University Rugby Football Club were warned by coaches they'd be booted out the team if they bullied freshers.

A uni spokesman there was an official investigation ongoing and it would not comment further till that was complete.

Durham sport director Quentin Sloper said that behaviour was not allowed at the uni.

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He commented: “They are a direct breach of our code of conduct, which we use to ensure sports clubs and individuals are held accountable for their actions."

Universities have returned to in-person teaching this month, with many rowdy freshers' week events back for the first time in two years.

Students across the country have used the much-needed chance to let off steam – and, it seems, other substances too.

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But others have been disappointed to find freshers' week "completely destroyed by coronavirus".

Town centres have been quiet, with many clubs closed down altogether.

Still, the alleged Durham incident shows there's life in universities' sordid start-of-year rituals yet – and victims too.

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